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mrichezhi, is there a way to limit the height of a text field in the xml view because rowspan is not an attribute for field ?11:15
cedkmrichez: no but you can ask to not expand verticaly with yexpand="0"11:36
mrichezcedk: yes, it's for a description field, filling all the screen is too much, one line is not enough... it try putting in a group but it doesn't align on the other fields of the form11:39
cedkmrichez: do like purchase line form11:40
mrichezcedk: :-) thanks!11:42
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cedkmrichez: indeed it is always good to mimic other views because it create homogenity for the UI11:51
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mrichezcedk: ok11:53
SaurabhIs it possible to add credit card processing?11:54
cedkSaurabh: for me, it should be an extention of the account_payment module11:56
SaurabhThanks! I am looking at tryton first time, so I am kind of lost. Is this going to be a new extension?11:57
cedkSaurabh: for now, there is no extension that does that11:58
cedkSaurabh: also I think the extension will be linked to the service provider of the credit card12:01
Saurabhwhere can i find developer reference documentation on how to extend modules?12:02
cedkSaurabh: on, there is
Saurabhcedk: is there anything more detailed and step by step kind of documentation available?12:47
cedkSaurabh: I can see how it could be more detailed12:49
cedkSaurabh: I can *not* see how it could be more detailed12:49
Saurabhcedk: looking at Ground 0 of docs. Good starting point.12:54
gytisHi! I have some questions. It is possible to make dynamically generated fields (subject, body) in Thunderbird when I generate a report? Currently I see that only subject and attachment are set.13:03
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pokoligytis: you can use the email attribute of reports:
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gytispokoli, yes, I found it and it works great with a static data, but I need to generate fields dependently on the selected row. Lets say I have some purchase rows and I want to add a reference of the selected purchase to the Thuderbird's subject field.13:21
pokoligytis: i think this is not possible (for now)13:23
pokoligytis: could you explain your use case, please?13:23
pokoligytis: also there is
gytispokoli, thanks! :)13:25
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sisalphello, can someone remind me where to set stock reorder rules ?15:53
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pokolisisalp: I'm not sure to understand you, can you clarify what do you mean by "stock reorder rules"?16:01
sisalpI have an empty stok, sell some units and expect the planner to calculate reorder according to a stock rule (min units and order quantity)16:06
nicoesisalp: It's an order point int stock_supply16:08
pokolisisalp: See
sisalpnicoe:pokoli: thank you16:17
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sisalpnicoe: is there a planner on the demo ?16:36
sisalpnicoe: why some stocks are negative16:37
sisalpanother question : is there a possibility to get the reception pre-filled with what was ordered ?16:40
nicoesisalp: IIRC stock_supply is not installed on the demo16:41
nicoesisalp: some stock might be negative because people have used the demo and forced the assignation16:41
gytisone more question: do I need every button to assign to the group like this or can I leave it without a group like this ? I just want to restrict button's action for some people..16:42
pokolisisalp: you can use the + button in the supplier shipment to select exsiting moves which have been created by a purchase16:43
nicoesisalp: you can select the incoming move lines when filling an incoming shipment16:43
pokoligytis: if you don't define groups all the users will be able to access de button, so you should define the groups which are allowed to acccess the button, and all others will be restricted16:46
gytispokoli, I can understand now the logic. Thank you again!16:47
pokoligytis: it's all explained here:
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PiiteriThis may be a silly question, but would it make sense to have modules installed outside the tryton package folder?19:20
pokoliPiiteri: yes if you install them as python packages19:22
Piiteripokoli: but even when installed as python packages, they are currently installed inside the trytond folder because that is the only way they are detected, correct?19:25
Piiteripokoli: Would it work installing modules in a python path of the user's choosing and then having trytond load the modules based on a config (e.g. trytond.conf)?19:29
Piiteripokoli: To me it seems like that would greatly simplify setting up a dev environment. Could be as simple as pip install trytond (+ any modules you want to depend on), enable the modules and then just start working on your own module in a neatly separate folder somewhere. No need to worry about any dependencies other than those of your own module then.19:33
Piiteripokoli: Maybe I am missing something really obvious here?19:40
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pokoliPiiteri: as fas as you define the valid entry points there is no need to copy the module to the folder22:21
pokoliPiiteri: just use pip install a module and all the dependencies are downloaded22:22
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