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SamSagaZhey guys, im making (trying) some module for party, to add / extend some fields/menu into party. I created the new module and installed it without problems!, just want to know the right way to update the module and make the changes in tryton client.01:12
SamSagaZor needs to remove the module from python and then install it again?01:17
SamSagaZim doing....01:45
SamSagaZsudo rm -rf /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/test_party_ar-4.0.0-py2.7.egg/01:45
SamSagaZand then reinstall the new version01:45
SamSagaZis that ok'? or exist an fast way?=01:45
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notizblockThe client documentation states that there is support for root certificates via .config/tryton/x.y/ca_certs. We would like to move from self signed certificates to a company wide CA. As for the transition: would deleting the fingerprint in known_hosts and adding the root certificate to ca_certs be sufficient?10:29
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notizblockhmm, it seems like tryton saves the fingerprint to known_hosts even if ca_certs is present (and the chain is valid)11:20
notizblockit makes using a CA with tryton pointless as with every change of the certificate the known_hosts entry needs to be updated/deleted11:22
notizblockdo I miss something here or is this intended behaviour?11:23
notizblockversion: 4.011:23
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dj_xatraIs an actual devpi instance?11:52
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Thomas_NHi all12:24
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Thomas_NCan one to a german "Einnahme-√úberschuss-Rechnung" for freelancers (no VAT) ?12:31
cedknotizblock: you are right, I think there is an issue to fix that12:33
cedkdj_xatra: no, it is a custom flask application:
notizblockcedk: thx for the pointer12:38
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SamSagaZsomeone know if is possible to assing an default value into an field? Im trying to autofill default VAT Value so dont need to add it everytime that i add an user without that dont have registered VAT18:22
cedkSamSagaZ: what is the link between user and VAT?18:24
SamSagaZi get it from party model18:40
SamSagaZparty_ar (argentina party) module i means18:40
cedkSamSagaZ: I do not understand what you try to do18:41
SamSagaZi just want to get filled the VAT value when add a new user. in the client. dont want to add it everytime. i want to get filled with a value like "11111111113" its the VAT that we use in Argentina for people that dont have VAT Number18:42
SamSagaZmy english sux :/18:42
cedkSamSagaZ: but why on user?18:42
cedkSamSagaZ: what is the puporse to get a number that means nothing?18:43
SamSagaZoh sorry18:43
SamSagaZparty, not user :/18:43
cedkSamSagaZ: why do you need to put a fake number?18:43
cedkSamSagaZ: if they do not have a number, just do not put a number?18:43
SamSagaZoh, wait looks like the argentina localization set vat number as requested, because check it when add a new party/entity against argentina tax agency, will check the party_ar code.18:45
SamSagaZforget about my stupid question :)18:45
cedkSamSagaZ: but I think it is stupid to put a fake number18:46
SamSagaZcedk, if the company sell to ppl without vat number i cant get that field empty, looks like when i install party_ar module, they configured to not allow empty values on that field18:47
SamSagaZargentina tax agency let us to use the number "11111111113" when ppl dont have tax number.18:48
SamSagaZbtw, i just need to disable it and allow empty values on that field18:48
SamSagaZjust need to change the party_ar module18:48
cedkSamSagaZ: is it a requirement or not to have a fake vat number?18:50
SamSagaZ"11111111113" is not a fake number, its the value that we need to use for small orders and make invoice to people without vat number, will set the model to use these number as default value.18:52
SamSagaZvat_number = fields.Function(fields.Char('CUIT', states={'readonly': ~Eval('active', True), 'required': ~In(Eval('iva_condition'), ['consumidor_final', 'no_alcanzado']),}, depends=['active', 'iva_condition']),18:53
SamSagaZmaybe changed the ~Eval value18:53
SamSagaZCUIT = the argentinian VAT NUMBER18:54
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cedkSamSagaZ: it is actually a fake number18:54
cedkSamSagaZ: but if the law of Argentina is stupid like, can do nothing18:54
SamSagaZyes, you right18:55
cedkbut instead of putting it on every party, I would just put it on the report18:55
SamSagaZwhere re you from?18:55
cedkSamSagaZ: Belgium18:55
SamSagaZin Belgium is not possible to sell anything to people without Tax Number?18:56
cedkSamSagaZ: too complicate to answer question with double negation18:57
SamSagaZmy english... Is possible to sell anything to a kid that dont have tax number?18:57
cedkSamSagaZ: of course, most of the sales are made with normal people18:58
SamSagaZwell tryton with party_Ar dont let me add any party named "final customer" or similar because request me to add a VAT Number to every party that i add19:00
SamSagaZi searched argentina tax agency and found that is possible to use the value "1-11111111-13" in suck cases.19:00
cedkSamSagaZ: I still do not understand. Is it required or not to have this fake number?19:01
cedkSamSagaZ: and I do not speak about the Tryton module, it is maybe wrong19:02
SamSagaZyes, i disabled the module and dont request me the vat number19:03
SamSagaZjust need to fix the module19:03
SamSagaZthanks cedk19:03
cedkSamSagaZ: I'm not talking about the menu but about the country rules?19:04
cedkmenu -> module19:11
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