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dj_xatraSomething's wrong with my module's top level xml file. I see the menu items in the client, but nothing happens when I click on them. How do I debug that?12:55
pokolidj_xatra: you probabilly don't have any action related with the menu item12:57
pokoliIs there any problem with the translation server? I'm getting a lot of "Server Error" messages12:57
pokoliFor example, with this URL:
dj_xatrapokoli: looks ok to me:
cedkpokoli: works for me13:01
pokolicedk: BTW it works now, but when I start chaning translations I get the errors. So maybe I'm causing and high load on the server13:02
pokolidj_xatra: it looks good to me also, but it's easier to read if you group the act_window with their views definition. At least is what I'm used to read13:03
pokolidj_xatra: have you tryied reseting the server and the client to ensure you are not affected by some cache?13:04
pokolicedk: BTW it's failing now, so If i wait a little bit I bet it will work well13:05
dj_xatrapokoli: I wrote this yesterday and rebooted my machine since then, so server and client have been restarted.13:06
pokolidj_xatra: and are you sure you have updated your database?13:09
pokolidj_xatra: could you check on the administration -> User Interface -> Actions and Menus options that everything is correctly set?13:09
dj_xatraAh, I didn't yet know about that form. Interesting.13:11
dj_xatraHm, action is not filled for both menu items.13:12
cedkdj_xatra: on DB update, you should look at warning message13:17
cedkdj_xatra: maybe trytond does not update a record13:17
cedkdj_xatra: in this case you can force the update in Administration>Models>Models>Data13:17
cedkpokoli: it is Django app so not the best framework13:19
dj_xatracedk: it says that my and ir.action.act_window.view resources are out of syn. When I click sync it says "you are not allowed to modify this record. This record is part of the base configuration."13:20
cedkpokoli: I receive error messages about "OOM command not allowed when used memory > 'maxmemory'"13:20
pokolicedk: so maybe we should increase the maxmemory?13:20
cedkdj_xatra: this is probably because you modify the XML data in a way that trytond did not recognized13:21
cedkdj_xatra: you can delete in SQL the records and rerun a database update13:21
cedkpokoli: but where?13:21
pokolicedk: it seems it is a redis issue:
pokolidj_xatra: I usually comment the xml records, update the module -> so they are deleted and the uncomment to recreate them13:22
dj_xatrapokoli: so an xml like <tryton><data/></tryton> would delete the records?13:23
pokolidj_xatra: I think so13:23
dj_xatraIndeed it did.13:25
dj_xatraYay, it's working again. Thanks.13:26
cedkpokoli: pootle should be fixed13:34
pokolicedk: is working now, thanks!13:42
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postal_blabwhen i try to print something, doesn't matter what, trytond run into this:
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cedkpostal_blab: please report a bug with precise versions etc.14:55
cedkpostal_blab: also are you on the latest version?14:59
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postal_blabyes, 4.0.415:00
postal_blaboh i oversee that the error comes from simplejson. going to install the latest simplejson version15:03
cedkpostal_blab: what is the request?15:05
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cedkpostal_blab: this is not a printing/report call but reading the report content15:16
postal_blabyes. this was the easiest way to reproduce it. printing request is this one:
giovanni1postal_blab: cedk: Maybe there was a database error that was raised and included utf-8 characters (I had it once in French)15:18
postal_blabi don't think so. the byte which raises this exception comes from the odt file15:20
postal_blabthis is the response {'result': [{'report_content': b'PK\x03\x04\x14\x00\x00\x08\x00\x00g\x86\BLABLA MORE BINARY STUFF', 'id': 169}], 'id': 4}15:21
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cedkpostal_blab: it looks like simplejson does not use our JSONEncoder class15:25
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postal_blabthat's weird15:31
cedkpostal_blab: I can confirm the problem is simplejson, without there is no problem16:00
udonohi, on invoice, when I use english as the lang of the user, translations are shown correct in the language of the used party in the invoice report. When I use German as user lang, the report is not translated in the language of the party. Is this a known issue/feature of tryton default?16:08
pokoliudono: AFAIK it should be shown in the party lang, but make sure you have the report translations otherwise it will always shown in english16:12
cedkpostal_blab: I checked simplejson is not compatible in Python3 with json16:20
cedkpostal_blab: indeed simplejson is useless in Python3 because json has the same improvement16:21
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postal_blabthats good(?) news16:32
udonopokoli: Yes, I checked this. The problem is: When I use German as user language, the report is _not_ translated in English, which is the language of the party. The report is translated in German.16:36
udonopokoli: I don't know if it is related, but my trytond.conf section database option language = de_DE…16:37
cedkpostal_blab: FYI:
cedkudono: are you using the standard template?16:49
cedkudono: and on which version?16:50
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udonocedk: yes, standard template, and default (trunc, dev) version17:07
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cedkudono: is English a translatable language?17:12
udonocedk: yes both english and German are translatable17:16
cedkudono: are you sure set_language is called with the right code?17:24
udonocedk: no, not sure, but I use the upstream codebase and reports from hg.tryton.org17:27
cedkudono: maybe it is
udonocedk: you can not reproduce the issue?17:28
cedkudono: did not tried17:28
udono looks different, when I use english as the lang of the user, translations are shown correct in German the language of the used party in the invoice report.17:29
udonoThe problem is when I use German as user language, the report is _not_ translated in English, which is the language of the party. The report is translated in German.17:30
udonocedk: so it seems not a fallback problem.17:30
cedkudono: for me, set_language is not called with the code you think it is17:32
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morfeokmghello guys20:17
morfeokmgexist some complete example for develop a new module for tryton?20:17
kstengermorfeokmg: try the training module at the usage for it is detailed in the description of the repository20:17
kstengermorfeokmg: otherwise, look at any other module for examples etc20:17
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morfeokmgok, thanks!20:19
cedkmorfeokmg: and there is this presentation to follow the training module:
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morfeokmgthanks cedk, this is one great documentation. I reading this one.21:43
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