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mamcodeHi people19:42
mamcodeMy name is Manuel from Venezuela19:42
mamcodeI'm starting the adventure in tryton19:43
mamcodeI am having a problem to extend a field of a model19:43
mamcodeCan someone tell me the right way?19:44
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SamSagaZhey guys, have tryton an module like odoo point of sale that works in tryton? i really like the odoo module :/21:49
cedkSamSagaZ: not yet22:32
SamSagaZcedk, ok22:32
cedkSamSagaZ: but I think a POS should be a separate application with specific UI and offline support22:33
SamSagaZmmm ok22:41
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cedkSamSagaZ: it could probably rely on the new "user application" API23:07
mamcodeHi again, if I have an instance Pool().get('product.category')(13), is there a way to get the fs_id from an attribute?23:15
cedkmamcode: no you must search in ir.model.data23:23
mamcodecedk: Thanks :-)23:23
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