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Steve____how to get taxes while creating sales line?08:27
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Steve____how to calculate taxes while creating sales line?09:51
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pokoliSteve____: you only have to link the sale lines with the taxes used10:41
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Steve____I am able to get list of taxes from "" , but I don't know which taxes are applied to which product?10:49
pokoliSteve____: if you have everything configured taxes should be set with on_change_product11:01
pokolicedk: are you going to write the news for the 4.2 version? Do you want some help?11:06
cedkpokoli: not yet started11:07
cedkpokoli: you can write it if you want11:10
pokolicedk: ok, I will try to write it based on your TUB slides ;)11:13
cedkpokoli: it should be based on the changelog11:45
cedkpokoli: also we need to know if you do it on time or not11:46
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pokolicedk: I think i won't be able to finish it. Sorry but I'm went out of an unplanned metting now, so I will send you an email with what I have done till now12:57
pokolinot soo much, but it's a starting point12:57
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cedkyangoon: are you going to follow the procedure or not?
pokolicedk: I sent you the draft on email13:29
cedkpokoli: received13:34
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cedkyangoon: could you answer?15:09
yangooncedk: it's just a simple two-liner, someone with commit access should take it15:14
cedkyangoon: if you take it like that, please do not submit anymore15:16
cedkan simple patch is never simple, we do *code review*15:17
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yangooncedk: should I now really count the number where you are commiting without any comment on the review (which is perfectly right for simple patches)?15:23
cedkyangoon: if you did at least sometimes some reviews15:25
cedkyangoon: instead of just complaining15:26
cedkyangoon: act!15:26
cedkand at least I upload review me!15:27
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yangooncedk: where did I complain on and on the last lines?15:27
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cedkyangoon: do not play the innocent15:30
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yangoonstopping right here, I really don't feel guilty of anything15:31
yangoonit's just this style that frustrates and prevents contribution15:32
cedkyangoon: but you do not contribute15:33
cedkthis is crazy15:34
cedkand good do not try anymore if you do not follow the procedure15:34
yangooncedk: so go through the commit messages of all repositories since their beginning and you will get some stats15:35
yangoonand it's not very nice to say to the person who just completed the german translation, that he doesn't contribute15:35
yangoonapart from Debian packaging15:36
JanGBACTION Justice of the Peace needed15:41
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mrichezhi, must be the name of a class unique ?16:09
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cedkmrichez: if you create two classes in the same file with the same name, the last one will replace the first one16:10
cedkmrichez: this is an error that flake8 will detect16:10
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mrichezcedk: ok, in my case, i'm looking example for grouping... in the payment module, the name of the class is Group. So i was wondering, if i could also name a class Group in my module16:12
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cedkmrichez: yes there is no problem because it is the registration that matter in Tryton16:13
mrichezcedk: ok, thanks16:13
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pokoliyangoon: I think that cedric want to say is that you contribution will be more valuable if you follow the rules17:13
pokoliyangoon: otherwise we have to do nearly all the job17:14
JanGBpokoli: ping18:18
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JanGBpokoli: had a look to your configurable cache - do you plan to review the caching of webdav as well? because i think webdav could share the same cache for records18:32
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udono1JanGB: I guess webdav will be replaced first efore any optimization s.a.
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estanhi. i tried logging in to with demo/demo, but large parts of the UI is in what looks like russian (?).20:48
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cedkestan: it happens that some change the language of the demo user22:10
cedkestan: changed back to English22:12
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