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morfeokmghello guys!10:20
morfeokmgy can't access to tryton with my password defined in [session]10:20
morfeokmgfrom the tryton client10:21
morfeokmgit's not the same?10:21
cedkmorfeokmg: no, this password is only for database management10:27
morfeokmghow can i recover my password?10:28
morfeokmgi put the admin password in the res_user as null10:29
morfeokmgupdate res_user set password_hash='' where login='admin';10:29
cedkmorfeokmg: this will prevent to login10:29
morfeokmgbut i cannot access again to my environment ejejejjeje10:29
cedkmorfeokmg: you have to set it to a value that you know10:29
morfeokmgbut how can do it?10:30
cedkmorfeokmg: in future version 4.2, there will be an option in trytond-admin10:30
morfeokmgthe utils/ not applied some update on the database admin user10:30
cedkmorfeokmg: you can get the value from another database for which you know the password10:30
morfeokmgaaa ok, great10:31
morfeokmgi try with my other DB eeejejeejj10:31
cedkmorfeokmg: do not know about utils/passwordserver.py10:31
morfeokmgyes, this utils for assign the super password10:31
morfeokmgbut, in my case, this is not functional!10:31
morfeokmgmmmm, no; i change my password from the newhealth to gnuhealth10:34
morfeokmgbut not work10:34
morfeokmgok, i can10:36
morfeokmgbut i need restart the server10:36
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