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tryingtrytonAdding and saving a new Location and getting this:  The value "en_US" of field "Language" on "Translation" is not in the selection.14:32
pokolitryingtryton: which version are you using?14:33
tryingtryton4.2, updated from 4.014:34
tryingtrytonagainst pgsql db14:34
pokolitryingtryton: languages have been updated to 2 digits on 4.214:34
pokolitryingtryton: have yo updated your translations on the database?14:34
pokolitryingtryton: see:
tryingtrytonI get: "duplicate key value violates unique contraint 'ir_translation_translation_md5_uniq'14:36
tryingtrytondetail: key (name, res_id, lang, type, src_md5, module)=(webdav.share,user, -1, en, field, $MD%, webdav) already exists14:37
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pokolitryingtryton: because this should be done before updating the database14:40
tryingtrytonso, what's the fix?14:40
pokolitryingtryton: in your case I think you should only update the ones that don't come from a module14:41
pokolitryingtryton: so adding where module is null should fix the problem14:41
tryingtrytonThat query worked, but i get the warning upon saving the location still.14:44
tryingtrytonprobably because the update query matched zero records14:46
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tryingtrytonThere's >13k entries with en_US and >6k with en.14:52
tryingtrytonany other way to convert those?14:54
tryingtrytonpokoli: ?15:01
pokolitryingtryton: probabilly all the en_US are duplicated, as when upgradint to 4.2 you created the new translations for en_US15:03
tryingtrytonThen, those could be deleted safely?15:04
pokolitryingtryton: you should update the translations of database records, for example custom locations products15:04
tryingtrytonpokoli: That's basically what i'm asking you how to do. There's no lang or lang_id field in stock_location.15:08
pokolitryingtryton: the name field is translatable, and the translation is stored on the ir_translation table15:09
pokolitryingtryton: btw, do you have the main_language set on trytond.conf file?15:11
tryingtrytoncrap, it was en_US still15:11
tryingtrytonOK, changing that and restarting the server worked.15:13
pokolitryingtryton: default value is en, so if you remove it you will not have to worry on the future ;)15:13
pokolitryingtryton: you still have to update custom translations (product names, discriptions) for other languages than main language15:14
pokolitryingtryton: main language is stored on the table, so don't need to worry about it15:14
tryingtrytonIs there a quick way to see which of those 13k entries are "custom"?15:17
pokolitryingtryton: it depends on the modules installed, but they are for all the translatable fields in the database15:28
pokolitryingtryton: translatable fields are those that have a flag in the field15:28
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pokolitryingtryton: for example: the product.tempalte name, the product.product description the payment_term name and description15:32
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tryingtrytonpokoli: I'm looking for a query to run against the DB to find all those easily.15:58
pokolitryingtryton: it will be great if you can share it :)16:04
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tryingtrytonpokoli:  It's a two-part query:18:44
tryingtrytonDELETE FROM ir_translation where id in (SELECT from ir_translation as x, ir_translation as y where = and x.res_id = y.res_id and x.type=y.type and x.src_md5 = y.src_md5 and x.module=y.module and x.lang ='en_US' and y.lang='en' ) ;18:45
tryingtrytonUPDATE ir_translation set lang = 'en' where lang = 'en_US';18:45
tryingtrytonYou might want to move that update query from "should" to "must", and consider adding the above two in case someone forgot or didn't read the docs.18:49
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tryingtrytonWhat's the next step in the workflow after processing a sale?22:24
kstengertryingtryton: you continue with the shipments to send the associated goods22:29
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tryingtrytonI'm seeing the sale amount getting debited from the warehouse. If i have other locations with the product (from the warehouse via internal moves), how do i sell from those locations as  well?22:35
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