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theviajerockHello people.02:35
theviajerockCan somebody help me please with my tryton installation? I tried two ways, the first with the tryton included in my operating system...02:36
theviajerockThe second, I downloaded the repository and execute python install...02:36
theviajerockIn the first way, I installed and configure postgresql but the client of tryton doesn't detect the database... And I can't connect yet to tryton with the 8000 port...02:37
cedktheviajerock: you have to initialize the database:
theviajerockI understand.. But i don't have trytond-admin.....03:00
theviajerockJust trytond-client and server.03:00
kstengertheviajerock: if you installed the server from the repository correctly you should have trytond-admin03:04
theviajerockMmm This is what i've done:03:07
theviajerocksudo apt-get install tryton-client03:07
theviajerocksudo apt-get install tryton-server03:07
theviajerockThen I created the user:03:08
theviajerocksudo su - postgres -c "createuser --createdb --no-createrole --no-superuser --pwprompt tryton";03:08
kstengertheviajerock: trytond and trytond-admin are binaries that should be available if you installed the server03:08
kstengertheviajerock: but it may depend on your distro for the way you've installed03:08
theviajerockYes, trytond is there, but no trytond-admin03:09
kstengertheviajerock: then you may have an older version, IIRC trytond-admin is available starting at 4.0 or so03:09
theviajerockAhh yes03:09
theviajerockI have debian jessie03:09
kstengertheviajerock: check your versions03:09
theviajerockAnd the version it's older.03:09
kstengerof tryton server and client03:09
theviajerockSo... Do you recommend me to install tryton with the development repository?03:10
theviajerockThis option:03:10
theviajerockInstall an official release. Once you’ve downloaded and unpacked a trytond source release, enter the directory where the archive was unpacked, and run: python install03:10
kstengerit depends on what you want to achieve, can't advice without context03:10
theviajerockMmm I get it.03:10
kstengerif you install from source you will have the latest changes available of course03:11
theviajerockAt first, I want to learn how to use trypton, later I would like to modify the code.03:11
kstengertheviajerock: then you may want to check for the right version's documentation, change the numbers of the url that they gave you before to the version you are using03:12
theviajerockkstenger:  I understand what you are saying...  the first thing that I tried was to install it from the official release...03:16
theviajerockI downloaded this:03:16
theviajerockAnd I installed it with python install.03:17
theviajerockI'm following the 4.2 documentation currently.03:17
theviajerockI'm stucked in that point because I don't know how to initialize the server and connect it to the DB.03:18
kstengertheviajerock: this URL you give is for the client 4.2, but now you have some version you haven't yet stated which version it is03:18
theviajerockThe version that I installed with apt-get is the 3.203:18
kstengeruh, that's amazingly old03:19
theviajerockBut is the default of debian 803:19
kstengertheviajerock: yeah, I don;t think it's a good idea to stick to it03:19
theviajerockAnd was the "easy" way for my to try trypton.03:19
kstengertheviajerock: what failed when you tried 4.2?03:20
theviajerocklet me try again and I'll tell you what happen.. That was like 3 hours ago.03:22
kstengertheviajerock: remember "tryton" is the client and "trytond" is the server03:23
theviajerockAll right, I didn't know it.03:27
theviajerockAll right, I installed it.03:30
theviajerockNow, I need to configure it, right?03:30
theviajerockIs there a template? Or I should I create it ?03:33
kstengercreate it03:33
kstengername you want wherever you want, just remember to pass the file path to the server by the -c parameter03:34
theviajerockall right03:38
theviajerockI created it...03:38
theviajerockI only write the web and the database section03:39
theviajerockI saw that the other configuration is by default, or should I modify it too?03:39
theviajerock [web]03:39
theviajerock listen = localhost:800003:39
theviajerock                                                                                                                                                                                                                  03:39
theviajerock [database]03:39
theviajerock uri = postgresql://tryton:tryton@localhost:5432/03:39
theviajerock path = /home/victor/workspace/tryton03:39
theviajerockI only wrote that.03:40
kstengerplease use a pastebin service for pasting here next time, I don't understand your question. Try the server and see if it works.03:41
theviajerockOh all right, excuse me.03:42
kstengerSorry I can't stay longer. Good night03:46
theviajerockThank you! Good night.03:48
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tr33good morning09:52
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tr33i'm currently migrating from Tryton 3.2 to 4.2 and I've some trouble or confusion:09:55
tr33i like to use the module 'account_invoice_line_standalone', but in the view i can't add any invoice_lines because the view seems to be readonly09:56
tr33also, when making a new invoice, i can only select variants for articles. so for every article i've to create a variant. is this the way supposed to do? in tryton 3.2 i can add articles directly without any variant.09:57
cedktr33: it was always only variant but now it is explicit09:59
tr33okay, so the (new) way supposed to do is: first create an article, then create a according variant for the article. then the aricle is available for invoicing?10:01
cedktr33: by default a variant is created from the template10:03
tr33ah, good hint. I'll try this10:06
tr33ah, indeed! the variants were not created because i've imported my articles. okay10:10
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tr33but why seems my view for account.invoice.line to be read-only ?10:13
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tr33when i add a new invoice-line, every field is read-only10:55
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cedktr33: is the state of the invoice 'draft'?11:22
tr33there is no invoice yed, i'd just like to "collect" invoice-lines and add them later to a (yet not existing) invoice11:39
tr33i'm talking aboud account_invoice_line_standalone11:40
cedktr33: I guess we are missing a default invoice_state on standalone lines11:45
cedktr33: please report an issue11:45
tr33how? i currently feel not able to formulate an issue about this11:53
pokolitr33: create a new issue on https://bugs.tryton.org11:53
pokolitr33: you can link the IRC chat from this url:
pokolitr33: And in the issue text, just explain which is the current behaviour and which is the expected behaviour11:54
pokolitr33: great, for the next time, don't add the module name in the title but use components instead. Thanks!12:04
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pokolitr33: could you explain the steps in order to reproduce it?12:10
tr33is there any workaround ?12:10
pokolitr33: i'm currently testing it and I will work for a patch12:10
pokolitr33: IIUC you are creating a new line from the following menu entry: "Accounting/Invoices/Customer Invoces/Invoice lines" don't you?12:11
cedkpokoli: I think it is just missing a default value for invoice_state12:22
pokolicedk: yes, that was12:25
pokolitr33: I uploaded a review, could you please apply the patch on your instalation and confirm that it works for you?12:25
pokolitr33: let me know if you need some help in order to test it :)12:25
tr33patch ./account_invoice_line_standalone/ /tmp/issue27071002_1_10001.diff12:37
tr33patching file ./account_invoice_line_standalone/invoice.py12:37
tr33Hunk #1 FAILED at 1654.12:37
tr331 out of 1 hunk FAILED -- saving rejects to file ./account_invoice_line_standalone/
tr33patch ./account_invoice/ /tmp/issue27071002_1_10001.diff did it :-D12:46
tr33seems working :-)12:46
pokolitr33: you are welcome. Thanks for reporting :)12:52
tr33thanks for fixing :-D12:54
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wifasoihi. i'm new with tryton but I have found some strange behaviour when add a new line in an invoice (accounting/client invoice)[i'm using the 4.2.1 version of tryton with sale module at 4.2.0 (and the dependencies installed)].13:10
wifasoiwhe i add a line in the invoice, and i pick a product.. the "unit price" is not automaticcaly populeted. Is it normal?13:13
wifasoi(if not i'll will file a bug report)13:14
cedkwifasoi: yes it is normal, if you want price computation you must use sale13:15
wifasoiok thanks13:15
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andrespolitihello, in sao, when i have a binary field and i want to select a file, i press the magnifying glass icon, which opens another dialog with a button to open the file explorer. Is it possible to avoid this intermediate step and open the file explorer directly from the magnifying glass icon?21:07
andrespolitii mean, can i modify sao source code to avoid the extra dialog or is it done like this for some reason?21:09
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