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tr33hello agin15:27
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tr33working with proteus and tryton models seems harder than expected15:51
tr33I've spent nearly 3 days trying to import standalone invoice-inlines with a minimal set of entries - but proteus behaves different to tryton-client15:53
cedktr33: I doubt, usually it is the code written that does not behaves like the client15:56
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tr33hmm, well. current problem is that proteus doesn't seem to add taxes automatically based on the articles template16:06
tr33but it can also be an error related to assigning the correct models/attributes16:07
tr33but my understandig of trytons data-structures is very limited16:07
tr33is there any way to call the client-import via script ?16:15
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cedktr33: I answered you yesterday that the order of the field is important16:31
cedktr33: so you have to define the invoice_type before putting the product16:31
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cedktr33: did you see my message?17:08
tr33oh okay - i wasn't aware that the ordering of fields in cvs-interface matters17:16
tr33is this by design or a fault in my interface usage ?17:21
cedktr33: it is not about cvs17:22
cedktr33: it is about how the invoice line behaves17:22
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tr33'The field "Invoice" on "Invoice Line" is required.17:23
cedktr33: the on_change_product check the type of invoice to know which taxes to apply17:23
tr33lines are "invoice typeInvoiceaccountcompany.partyCurrencydescriptionnotepartyproduct.codequantityunitunit_price"17:23
cedktr33: but as you set it after the product, it uses a default17:23
tr33no: invoice type,Invoice,account,,Currency,description,note,party,product.code,quantity,unit,unit_price17:24
cedktr33: this is your order but with proteus you must enter data in the same order as you do in the UI17:24
tr33oh okay17:24
tr33maybe proteus is not the best way to this... ?17:25
cedktr33: it depends, what is the purpose?17:28
tr33i'd like to ..17:29
tr331. generate invoice-lines with an external tool in csv-format (minimal information set)17:29
tr332. import them into tryton as easy as possible17:30
cedktr33: how often? by who?17:30
tr33tryton should only rely on party-id, artikle-id, account, etc. tax information or other account-information should not be part of the interface17:31
tr33as often I want to, via script call17:31
tr33my script should obtain a csv-file (+model-information) and import this stuff17:32
cedktr33: I see two options:17:35
cedk- use proteus17:35
cedk- write a wizard an upload the file to the server17:35
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tr33writing a (gui-) wizard is not realy an option - just want to interface the tryton server17:39
tr33any other structured format would also be welcome: i.e.json?17:39
cedktr33: it is not about the format but just the proteus script which should be written correctly17:41
tr33hmm - are there any templates i could use ?17:45
tr33currently, i'd just like to import invoice_lines17:59
cedktr33: it is quite custom so I doubt there is any template18:01
cedktr33: the script you shown yesterday was no bad, just set the invoice_type before the product18:01
tr33:-( just importing data for a model seems to be that hard ?18:02
tr33hm, okay. if the fild ordering matters, how could i find out the correct ordering?18:03
tr33is my script - it tries to lookup the models and fields, but the server complains "'The field "Invoice" on "Invoice Line" is required."18:05
tr33now i've no clue how to help myself anymore18:06
cedktr33: to know the order, you have to look at the on_change dependencies of each fields18:08
cedktr33: the field invoice is required if one of those fields are missing: invoice_type, party, currency, company18:10
cedktr33: you can find such information by looking at the definition of the field18:10
tr33looking where?18:18
cedktr33: in the module code18:18
tr33i don't see myself in the situation to analyze the source for this kind of depencies18:21
tr33i'm not a tryton developer and don't want to become one18:21
tr33I'd just like to import some simple data *crying*18:22
cedktr33: reading Model definition does not require special knowledge18:27
tr33well, in this case, for me, it does18:29
tr33i.e. modules/account_invoice_line_standalone/invoice.xml doesn't give me any clue18:31
cedktr33: it is account_invoice/invoice.py18:32
nicoetr33: Maybe you don't want to import data into tryton but you have to get some knowledge about the model in order to do your job properly18:32
nicoetr33: So you have to get at least a bit used to the datamodel of tryton18:33
tr33hmm - okay18:42
tr33i'll try again..18:42
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tr33isn't it just possible to call trytons import-interface (the one i use in the client), hand over the field definitions and let it do the task ?18:50
cedktr33: this interface does not trigger any on_change so you will have no taxes prefilled18:53
tr33but it does!18:53
tr33using the client-csv works with my file, and it prefills the tax based on the articles data18:54
cedktr33: I wrote the import CSV so I know it does not trigger on_change's18:55
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cedktr33: maybe you have a custom module that trigger them…18:58
tr33not really: i'm yust using trytons default modules19:05
tr33account_invoice, account_invoice_line_standalone19:06
tr33i'd just like to import entities for the last one: account_invoice_line_standalone19:07
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wagon63hi, have tried a couple odoo implementations and am needing a platform for a new customer here in the usa, wondering if there is much going on here stateside for chart of accounts, cc integration and how much different, hopefully easier tryton is to enhance / extend21:22
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