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sisalpHello, is there any third party module to manage association membership ?16:11
cedksisalp: there is the foundation module:
sisalpcedk: thank you.17:19
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nramirezuyHello, I'm having trouble with purchase order; it is not allowing me to manually execute the wizard nor it creates the orders with the scheduler19:18
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cedknramirezuy: which wizard?19:19
nramirezuypurchase order one I'm on Neso 3.8.4 btw19:20
nramirezuyis there a log I can look at? the install is on Windows19:23
cedknramirezuy: I do not understand "purchase order" is not a wizard19:23
cedkby the way, neso is deprecated19:23
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cedknramirezuy: also what do you mean by "allowing"?19:25
nramirezuyCreate Purchase Requests19:25
nramirezuyWhen I try to call the wizard I get this message "Purchase requests are only created by the system"19:26
cedknramirezuy: maybe your user is not in a comany19:29
nramirezuyI have an older backup where is working. But I'm not able to see the diference.19:30
nramirezuyI'm using the Administrator and it is in the right company19:30
cedkmamcode: this message is raised when creating a request without any of those field: 'product', 'quantity', 'uom', 'company'19:33
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nramirezuycedk: thanks I found the issue, there was a product with default uom "Gram" and purchase uom "Carat". Changing purchase uom to "Gram" fixed it, if the issue is still in current version it would be nice if it ignores and reports; or mention the product where it stoped working.20:00
nramirezuyI really apprciate the product and the help, thank you.20:00
cedknramirezuy: I think this was fixed by issue532820:03
cedknramirezuy: so I guess it tried to purchase 0 carat because of rounding20:04
nramirezuypurchase request after is 10 grams ~ 50 carat?20:08
cedknramirezuy: and what is the digits of carat?20:11
nramirezuyFactor: 5.000,0000 Conversion: 0,0002000 Precision: 0,010000020:12
cedknramirezuy: strange, are you sure there is no other requests?20:14
nramirezuythere are like 20, but the issue was fixed after changing the product purchase uom20:16
nramirezuyI can share you a database dump if you like, the user is just using inventory management20:17
cedknramirezuy: why not20:25
nramirezuyThere you go
nramirezuyaffected product was MASILLA PLASTICA zeocar 300gr20:31
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cedknramirezuy: got 40422:05
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