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alexbodnah, i understand you cedk: the sale module is enough to begin with00:02
alexbodnbtw, cedk, the pos is just about a form to enter sales in the flow, relating to the front shop as a warehouse too00:04
cedkalexbodn: no, a POS should not create sales00:05
alexbodncedk: as you see, i'm not familiar with the terminology yet ;)00:06
cedkalexbodn: POS should not involve shipment and not always invoice00:07
cedkalexbodn: but sale always involve shipment and invoice00:08
alexbodncedk: i aggree about these, so pos should generate a sale, with self-pick shipment surrogate and receipt slip. btw, when are the invoices issued in a retail shop? only as a report?00:14
alexbodnwould you think the sale should not allow this diversity?00:15
cedkalexbodn: I do not understand, you agree but still say that pos should generate a sale00:16
alexbodncedk: indeed, the customer is paying and receiving goods, so this is a sale. though the shipping is normally self-pick, and invoices are not always issued to the customer, but later, as a report. but it is a sale. maybe with different defaults.00:22
alexbodni cannot argument based on the sales module, since i am not familiar with tryton already00:26
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alexbodncedk: after browsing your link, i can conclude, that it's complicated, but if it can be defined, it can definitely be done!01:08
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theviajerockHello people...01:10
alexbodncedk: about the pos vs. sale, please understand that i don't know how the workflow is being defined in tryton. yet01:28
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alexbodnhello pokoli, cedk, friends14:30
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pokolialexbodn: hello, how it's going? Have you tested the standard sale workflow?16:08
alexbodnhello pokoli. i like it very much! and i see you are the last commiter, thanks a lot!16:25
alexbodnas i've previously understood from you, i should wire the basic company in part of it's modules16:29
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alexbodnbut i have a new question: my interest in tryton grew after i found in nereid many of the ideas i've skimmed in my website sketch. is fulfillio/nereid close in any way to tryton modules, or is it a far away fork? maybe the modules part from nereid* could could be re-based on original modules?16:37
cedkalexbodn: it is difficult to say because the developers of nereid does not communicate any more with Tryton community16:54
cedkalexbodn: but you can have similar result by using flask-tryton for example16:54
pokolicedk: I won't say they are a fork, but an addon to the standard modules16:56
pokoliuops, this should be pinging alexbodn and not ced16:57
alexbodncedk: indeed i intend to use flask_tryton and proteus as examples on  using tryton as an orm for a turbogears site.16:57
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cedkalexbodn: I suggest you to not use proteus for such usage but look how it is done in flask-tryton17:00
alexbodncedk: i simply found they have functionality in the spirit i wanted, and thought about using it, in case it's based on the original, or just inspire from and rebuild mine, otherwise17:00
cedkalexbodn: which functionalities?17:00
alexbodncedk: ok, seen flask_tryton and i like it. just thought proteus is the way to go.17:01
cedkalexbodn: proteus is a client like tryton and sao17:03
cedkalexbodn: it is not always good for low level17:03
alexbodni like the management of websites, a company owning several sites, product and category catalogs to keep only part of the products on one site/company. that's what i found for the moment.17:05
alexbodnflask_tryton is a more viable example, indeed17:06
cedkalexbodn: product categories are standard in Tryton17:07
alexbodni'd rather use the original repository everywhere possible17:07
alexbodnare the products and categories different for each company?17:08
pokolialexbodn: no, they are for a17:10
pokolialexbodn: they are shared between all the companies17:10
alexbodnand what was the reason to separate accounting data by companies, as compared to not separating products17:12
pokolialexbodn: each company may have a different chart of accounts17:13
pokolialexbodn: because they have it's fiscal residence on different countries, and they have different tax regulator17:13
alexbodnhence, they may well have different products, not?17:14
pokolialexbodn: yes, but the may sell the same catalog17:15
pokolialexbodn: so there is no need to duplicate referential data17:15
alexbodnmay, or should have the same catalog?17:16
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pokolialexbodn: Indeed, the catalog is the same17:17
alexbodnso what is the boundary between modules fragmenting or not by company?17:18
cedkalexbodn: we try by default to share except when it is not possible17:22
cedkalexbodn: because it is easier to add a company field then to remove it17:22
alexbodndon't remove. just ignore it17:23
alexbodnso your sale model is a multinational network of shops, belonging to a company or it's subsidiaries?17:25
cedkalexbodn: when there is a company field it is required17:28
cedkalexbodn: do not understand the last sentence17:33
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alexbodncedk: my aim is to perform sales of multiple companies, through multiple shops per company..different companies and different shops may have different lists of products, classified in different categories. the master icecat list may be a common source for the products and categories in each company and shop.17:40
alexbodncedk: the tax law may be interesting about a company/party native in the us selling merchandise from a warehouse in india to a customer in israel, pricing in euro17:45
alexbodnand sending by german dhl17:46
cedkalexbodn: OK but I still do not understand the question17:48
alexbodncedk: i was just asking about the reason part of the models are company specific, while the others are not17:52
cedkalexbodn: sale is clearly company dependent so it is Tryton17:53
alexbodncedk: wonderful!17:54
alexbodnso only the product list is shares?17:54
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cedkalexbodn: usually referential data is shared: product, party etc.17:57
cedkalexbodn: expect for accounting data which must be linked to a company17:57
cedkotherwise procedural data are often company related like sale, purchase, shipment, invoice etc.17:57
alexbodncedk, that's ok for one application, but is it changeable iby inheritance, for example?17:59
cedkalexbodn: as I said we put company only when it can not be otherwise18:03
cedkand it is always possible to add company but it should be carefully done18:03
alexbodnlike sale depends on product, and i wish to use another_product instead, the product with company. how could i "just" replace in place product with "another_product", without changing sale18:05
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cedkalexbodn: I do not understand what you want to do20:14
alexbodncedk: sorry. i hope not to fork very much. so my option is to install product and the company functionality. but then, it loses benefit of your upgrades. so i'd prefer to inherit other_product from original product, and just add the field. but the sale and other modules depend on product' not on other_product. hence i was asking whether other_product could replace product. just thinking aloud.20:47
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alexbodncedk: i really don't know much, but in the thread you started on pos, there was a reference to price list. maybe the products of one company are the products that have price in it's price list?20:58
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