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mrichezhi, in a wizard, what is the best way to "exchange" data between transitions ? i mean: in the start_transitition, i check Transation().context['active_ids'] if there's ids, and if the status is ok for the wizard process. How to keep only the id's that suits for the next transition ? I check code from some modules, i see a lot of .search(domain...), so is it the only way to always doing a search or a browse on the active_ids with some domain restrictions ?10:52
pokolimrichez: you can filter on start_transition and then save the results on the following views11:10
pokolimrichez: you may have a look at the reconcile Wizard:
mrichezpokoli: so the view exist even if she's not yet displayed and i can load the data on the view ?11:12
pokolimrichez: yes, you can11:13
pokolimrichez: but in order to pass this to the client you must use the defaul_<view_name> function11:13
mrichezpokoli: stupid question: how is defined the order of the transitions in a wizard ?11:13
pokolimrichez: you only define the first and then following the buttons or the transition state results11:16
mrichezpokoli: and the first is defined by 'start_state = '11:18
pokolimrichez: yes11:18
mrichezpokoli: ok will apply this. Thanks!11:18
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cedkmrichez, pokoli: I think using view to store temporary data should be used with caution because it can overload the communication12:14
cedkI do not find it particulary costed to filter active_ids on different state12:15
mrichezcedk: in this case, i'm speaking about the review of module purchase_request_quotation, where you suggest me to use python to filter , so i did this way:
mrichezcedk: so use the view to prevent to do the loop twice12:45
cedkmrichez: I do not think it is needed because I'm not sure it is a real gain against the communication12:48
mrichezcedk: so i should do the loop in each transition ?12:49
cedkmrichez: I think unless you can show it is too much12:53
cedkACTION "premature optimization is the root of all evil"12:55
mrichezcedk: no, i'll do that.. i prefer first to get advices :-)12:56
mrichezcedk: optimization will be for the next review...12:56
cedkmrichez: optimization should be after production test :-)12:57
mrichezcedk: :-)12:58
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alexbodnhello pokoli, cedk, all friends. by my usual slow pace, i decided to activate the sale module. the modules have been installed, but i don't see the newly installed modules in admin. could you advice, please?19:18
cedkalexbodn: sale modules does not create anything in the admin menu19:21
cedkalexbodn: or you mean you do not see the module in the list of modules?19:21
cedkin that case, you must use the --update-modules-list option of trytond-admin19:22
alexbodnthanks cedk. upon loading trytond, i see messages in the spirit of: INFO trytond.modules account_product:registering classes, for all modules. but i was concerned that the admin modules list doesn't show modules other than res and ir.19:36
alexbodnanyway, cedk, how could a user use the sale module? pardon my ignorance, please19:39
cedkalexbodn: if he is in the sale group, he will get a sale menu entry19:39
alexbodncedk, i was able to create a sale group, but don't see how to add a user to the group19:44
cedkalexbodn: you must not create a sale, it is created when the sale module is activated19:46
cedkalexbodn: and to add user to a group, edit the user form and add the group19:46
alexbodncedk, i does it mean the sale module was not installed correctly?19:47
cedkalexbodn: probably19:50
alexbodnhow could i check, cedk?19:51
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rapierHow can i host two tryton databases on the same server using one pgsql process and one trytond?19:52
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cedkrapier: just works out of the box19:56
cedkrapier: setup the 2 databases and on login choose the one of the databases19:57
cedkalexbodn: is the module is marked as activated in the module list19:58
rapierbut in trytond.conf, i just see the uri for postgresql:// containing the user and database. how would the client know there's another DB on the server or rather how would trytond know?19:58
alexbodncedk, the only modules in the admin modules list are ir and res19:59
cedkrapier: the URI does not contain any database name19:59
cedkrapier: the trytond will send the list of available databases to the client20:00
cedkrapier: you see them when creating a login profile20:00
rapierahh, you're right20:00
alexbodncedk, they are both activated20:00
cedkalexbodn: so you have no module installed or the list is not up to date20:00
cedkACTION bbl20:00
alexbodncedk, as i told you, verbose invoking of trytond is showing the load of all modules20:01
alexbodncedk: my admin is sao20:02
alexbodnbbl :)20:07
cedkalexbodn: you must run trytond-admin with the option --update-modules-list as I said20:23
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