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rudewolf_Hello all. I just got tryton 4.2.1 up and running. I'm using sao as a client. Now when I do pip install module_name, I don't see any new modules in web UI. Am I missing something?11:07
sisalprudewolf: IIRC, there is a bug. Check bug tracker. To overcome, update any module and it will update the module list. To update a module, check tryton-admin. Hope I'm correct.11:10
sisalpHello all, is the tryton installer ok for windows 7 ? will it be maintained over time ?11:12
pokolisisalp: the bug is solved :)11:13
pokolisisalp: there is an option to update module list on trytond-admin11:13
pokolirudewolf_: you should run trytond-admin -d <your_database> -m to update the module list11:13
pokolifor further reference, this is the issue:
sisalpThank you pokoli ;-) Good to know this point is over and I still make mistakes on trytond-admin command :-)11:20
rudewolf_pokoli thank you. it's now processing... and done! works fine11:39
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sisalpSeems there is no installation package for trytond and sao on windows. Someone around is a windows addict ?11:47
pokolisisalp: IIRC there was some guide to install trytond on windows on the old wiki11:52
sisalppokoli: thank you, I remember something indeed. Well, I will telle the prospect not to  use windows, we will save time.12:04
sisalpAnother question :did someone configure Swiss accounting already ?12:06
sisalps/:D/: D/12:06
pokolisisalp: i think a virtual machine will easly do the trick, to run it on windows12:10
rudewolf_A question about languages... how do I set default language? Now everything is in english. I'd like it in slovenian. I can see the translation but how do I activate it?12:28
pokolirudewolf_: you have to activate it on the database, and the define it as settings for the user12:32
pokolirudewolf_: once activated you must update all the modules in order to load the translations12:32
pokoliACTION don't remember if we have some docs about this topic12:32
pokoliACTION is going to write some patch12:34
pokolirudewolf_: indeed it's documented on latests version:
rudewolf_ok i'll give it a try12:57
rudewolf_hmm... i used slv as a country code to update db as instructed in link posted. updated modules afterwards but no change13:47
pokolirudewolf_: language code is sl13:55
pokoliYou can see it in Administration -> Localization -> Languages13:56
pokolirudewolf_: btw, if you are missing some translations you can contribute on
rudewolf_slovenian translation is in Localization - Languages but how do i make modules use it? all is in english...14:08
rudewolf_i can contribute to slovenian translation...14:09
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rudewolf_OMG stupid me... in preferences I had to set appropriate language for user, works now thank you :)14:18
pokolirudewolf_: yes, you have to select the language of your user. Great that you solved14:25
rudewolf_I also set language = sl in config. is it important?14:26
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pokolirudewolf_: The setting is explained here:
pokolirudewolf_: But it's better to set this before initlizing the database14:44
rudewolf_I see, anyway i'll probably install tryton in virtualbox many times more... this is the first time it actually works for me. I do not doubt i'll broke something, lol. I like it and will explore further14:54
pokolirudewolf_: just take care to always set the same language for existing database14:55
rudewolf_just got vies checking to function properly - am i good or what? :))14:56
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rudewolf_joke aside, my first real task would be to implement slovenian charts of accounts, when i have the time, which i don't :(14:59
pokolirudewolf_: make sure to have a look at:
pokolirudewolf_: :)15:02
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rudewolf_thanks, will do15:14
mrichezhi, what if in your "from xxx import ..." xxx is longer than 80 characters ?16:06
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