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savumiesUsing nginx to proxy_pass POST requests(from sao) to trytond it returns HTTP 401 (unauthorized). What am I missing?05:00
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sisalpsavumies: and what if you by-pass the proxy ?12:44
sisalphello all : do you know where I can download the documentation in text format from ?12:44
sisalpsavumies: and does your proxy work with the gtk client ?12:49
savumiessisalp: my proxy is in the form The gtk client doesn't seem to be able to use an url. Bypassing the proxy with works fine.13:27
savumiessisalp: The documentation in text format is in each repository under doc/. They are the .rst files. Is this what you mean?
savumiessisalp: For more readable formats you can click in the bottom left corner of this link, where it says "Read the docs" there are PDF, epub and zipped HTML versions.13:36
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PeterMmmDon't get sao working: trytond , sao 4.2. Install does not give any error. When open URL an incomplete page opens and  the browser console says: "ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined".16:03
savumiesPeterMmm: did you run 'npm install' and 'grunt'?16:06
savumiesnpm install --production16:07
PeterMmmI did it again with --production. Getting "GET16:11
PeterMmm [HTTP/1.0 404 NOT FOUND 83ms]"16:11
PeterMmmBut file is on the server16:14
PeterMmmSeems  that index.html context is wrong16:16
PeterMmmSeems that all script includes in index.html are relative paths. I changed to "/" and it's working.16:22
savumies=] nice =]16:25
sisalpsavumies: thank you. I was looking for tghis :
sisalpyour proxy should manage both sao and gtk : manage ports 443 and 6000 the same and you will get secure protocoles on both. Then your proxy connects to trytond on an undisclosed port without ssl.16:29
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savumiessisalp: thanks. I'll try.18:17
savumieshow can I 'lock' the client to access only one database, like in I set list=False and trytond -c conf -d db and it doesn't list but also doesn't show my db. I have to type it.18:19
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