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pokolicedk: do you plan for 4.4?10:13
cedkpokoli: yes10:14
pokolicedk: great, I can help in migrating some models if you want10:14
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cedkpokoli: I think it will be hard to share10:44
pokolicedk: ok, but if you find some way let me know. I will try to review all at least10:48
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savumiespokoli: I'm running with the patch from issue6344. No issue found. Thanks for implementing this! =]16:17
pokolisavumies: happy that it's usefull for you :)16:19
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alexisHi folks!22:03
alexisI'm trying to setup Tryton locally22:03
alexisUsing a sqlite backend, when I try to run "trytond-admin -c /etc/tryton/trytond.conf -d vieuxsinge --all" it claims that the database doesn't exist, even if I did a "sudo touch /var/lib/tryton/vieuxsinge.sqlite" before.22:04
alexisThe configuration file is using sqlite as a backend (default behaviour)22:04
alexisVersion is trytond-admin 4.0.322:05
alexisHmm, interesting, it's looking for the database file in "/var/lib/trytond/vieuxsinge.sqlite" (with tryton*d* in the name)22:08
alexisEven if the config states "path = /var/lib/tryton"22:08
alexisInteresting enough: when I have the file created in /var/lib/tryton*d*/vieuxsinge.sqlite, I'm able to start the command line with "sudo trytond-admin -c /etc/tryton/trytond.conf -d vieuxsinge --all"22:11
alexisbut it results in a database created in /var/lib/tryton (without the d at the end).22:11
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alexisHmm, okay now I'm in the interface, but ... I don't understand what I'm seeing.22:17
alexisIs there a "getting started" guide somewhere? The documentation is only talking about stuff for coders, not end users, it seems.22:18
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cedkalexis: what is the database path in the configuration file?22:42
cedkalexis: by the way, trytond does not create the database even for sqlite22:42
cedkalexis: for sqlite, you have to just touch the file22:43
cedkalexis: from the client, you just have to set on the login popup: host, database and user22:47
cedkalexis: normally on database initialisation, trytond should have ask you to enter a password for the admin user22:47
alexiscedk: understood. I guess the problem what that the client didn't had the permission to write in the configured folder.22:56
cedkalexis: how is it possible?22:57
cedkalexis: it is ~/.config/tryton22:57
alexisnope, by default it's "/var/lib/tryton", from what I see in the config file stored in /etc/tryton22:59
alexis"path = /var/lib/tryton"22:59
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cedkalexis: are you talking about the server or the client?23:00
cedkalexis: it seems it is the server23:01
cedkalexis: did you use distribution package?23:01
alexisyes, I've installed it from the ubuntu repositories23:02
alexisI've installed both server and client23:02
cedkalexis: and what was the access right of the folder?23:03
alexisand then I've run the trytond-admin command to initialize the database; and quickly after that I did launch the client, and connected successfully;23:03
alexiscedk: which folder?23:03
alexisI chmod'ed +rwx the /var/lib/ folder to be accessible to my user.23:04
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cedkalexis: ha OK23:04
cedkalexis: I guess Ubuntu set it for the tryton system user23:05
cedkalexis: and so you should use this user when performing trytond-admin task23:05
alexisah okay I see.23:05
cedkalexis: and not your personnal user23:05
alexiscedk: but then, once I'm connected with the client, I don't understand what I should do to setup my project.23:07
alexiscedk: I actually don't understand what this "client" is supposed to be: is it the client for me as an end user? is it something to configure the project? where do I (for instance) enter my invoices and stuff?23:08
cedkalexis: you must go to administration modules to activate the modules you want23:09
cedkalexis: the client is for both: end user and configuration23:09
alexisIt shows me only two modules, apparently already activated23:10
alexis"ir" and "res"; I have no idea what they are.23:10
cedkalexis: so you have to install from Ubuntu some modules23:10
cedkalexis: it is the two base module for infrastructure and resource23:10
alexiscedk: ah okay gotcha23:11
cedkalexis: Tryton is more a framework to build your solution than a turn-key software23:12
alexiscedk: ah okay, I might be walking on the wrong track then.23:12
cedkalexis: but it is based on some concepts but once you get them it is consistant all over23:12
cedkalexis: but the base modules are usable out-of-the-box23:13
alexisokay :)23:13
alexisI'll give it a try anyway :)23:13
cedkalexis: we have custome from small business that use it raw for invoicing only for example23:13
alexisHmm, I've installed the "tryton-modules-account-fr" module, but it doesn't show up in the UI23:15
alexisanything special I need to do?23:15
cedkalexis: you must run: trytond-admin -c <config> -d <database> --update-modules-list23:16
alexisOh, it's just "--all"23:17
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