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cedkpokoli: how did you manage
pokolicedk: using vim copy paste, not script10:42
cedkpokoli: but
pokolicedk: It seems i did not update the domain correctly :)10:44
pokolicedk: indeed the purchase changeset is right:
pokoliACTION is checking all the commits10:47
pokolicedk: indeed contains a type also10:52
pokoliACTION is going to write a test case for action domains10:53
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g5pwcedk: I picked up Proteus pretty quickly and made an import script 😊 thanks!11:29
cedkg5pw: no better ETL than a Python script :-)11:30
g5pwyup 😊11:31
pokoliACTION is running the test agains all modules11:37
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csoteloHello coders, any url sample where modules a clase is instanced on to save data? thanks a lot12:28
csotelopokoli, thanks a loty12:41
csoteloperfect! so easy!12:41
pokolicsotelo: and if you want to load an existing record just use Model(id) when instanciating the class12:42
pokolicsotelo: this will load the record with id (if exists)12:42
csotelogreat!! thanks a lot12:43
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mrichezpokoli:  hi, so my issue is useless :
mrichezpokoli: or duplicate :-)13:21
pokolimrichez: indeed it's incomplete as there is a typo on the other domain also13:26
mrichezpokoli: ok, i'll remove my issue13:27
pokolimrichez: or fix both domains if you want13:27
mrichezpokoli: as you want... it's to avoid having same issues13:29
pokolimrichez: indeed my issue is an addition to yours :)13:29
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mrichezpokoli: :-) i'll update my issue14:20
mrichezpokoli: Done :
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pokolimrichez: great, but title must be updated now :)15:13
mrichezpokoli: ok, i'm copying your title15:15
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savumiesg5pw: can you share your script, please? =]16:15
savumiescedk: perhaps my question yesterday wasn't very clear. I created a paste with the code.17:09
cedksavumies: what question?17:10
savumiesin line 74 I want to select a participant of the activity.17:10
savumiesI'm creating a model with a many2many field to party. What do I need to do to be able to choose one of the records in the many2many from another model?17:10
savumiesthat. I don't know how to explain it better than this.17:11
cedksavumies: I can not really answer, you are just describing the behaviour of a Many2Many17:13
savumiescedk: I see. The problem is that I would expect that the code I wrote would work but when I run it the client gives an error:17:16
savumiesCalling method search_read on <class 'trytond.modules.activities.activities-party.participants'> is not allowed17:16
cedksavumies: it is because in line 74, you have a Many2One to this ModelSQL-only17:18
cedksavumies: so if that field is shown in the view, it fails17:19
savumiescedk: so how should it be instead? I've been through this for a few days now and didn't figure it out.17:21
cedksavumies: if you want to show a model, it must inherit from ModelView17:22
savumiescedk: oh just that. I knew it was something ordinary. Thanks.17:30
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