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pokolii've just got the following error when pushing: remote: curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 80: La connexió ha expirat09:46
pokoliLa connexió ha expirat is the catalan version of "Conection expired"09:46
pokolidon't know if I have to do something else in order to fix i09:46
cedkpokoli: rtd is not reliable09:47
pokolicedk: this is some way to build the docs manually?  or we have to wait to next commit?09:54
cedkpokoli: do not know10:01
pokolicedk: ok, don't worry. I think it's not a big problem to do not have development docs updated10:01
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notizblo1kExisting suppliers in product are editable by a user but don't get saved (e.g lead time). Saving is only possible in the corresponding product template. Is this a known issue? (4.2)10:32
pokolinotizblo1k: not that I know, could you please explain the steps to reproduce it?10:44
notizblockpokoli: sure10:46
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notizblockCreate a new product template and mark it as purchasable. Add a supplier and add prices/lead time to it. Open the corresponding product. The supplier entry is visible and can be opened (F2). There, edit for example the lead time and hit save. Now reload the entry and notice that the old lead time is still visible.10:49
notizblockpokoli: if desired, I can open a bug report10:49
cedknotizblock: for me, it is solved by issue625610:49
notizblockcedk: ah, yes, seems to be10:52
pokolinotizblock: i just tested on trunk and it working correctly11:05
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notizblockpokoli: thx11:17
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marcPIs there any way of setting default value of property fields? With default_<field> is not working.11:54
cedkmarcP: it is in default property menu entry11:58
cedkmarcP: but property are going to be removed:
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marcPcedk: that's it. Thank you!13:25
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savumieswhat is the difference between the domain defined in the model field and the domain defined in the xml?14:07
pokolisavumies: the domain defined on the xml is only applied for this action, and for the field is always enforced14:22
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notizblockdo you consider this as a useful contribution to the production module: Add a relate from product to production for production input and output. Similar to ?14:29
notizblockthe use case is to get a quick overview where a product is used in production14:30
savumiespokoli: thanks, i'll experiment.14:54
cedknotizblock: I tent to say that relate from referencial data to operational data are not very good because it is a growing data set14:54
notizblockcedk: a valid point, indeed14:55
cedknotizblock: indeed it will be better to find a solution for searching from the UI on the xxx2Many fields14:55
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silwolcedk: wouldn't that mean that as a consequence the relates e.g. from the party to it's sales, purchases, invoices… were also not a good idea?15:14
pokoliany idea about this failure  ?15:17
cedksilwol: I think they are not ideal but created at early stage15:21
cedksilwol: they should probably have a date limitation15:21
cedksilwol: and become "Last sales" for example15:21
cedkpokoli: did you try re-run it?15:21
silwolcedk: As a user, I really enjoy using them, because they allow for fast navigation, especially because you don't have to open the record first.15:22
silwolcedk: ok, such a limitation would of course make sense.15:22
pokolicedk: yes, same error after re-running. Indeed the test pass correctly on my machine15:22
cedkpokoli: I'm running it manually from docker image15:25
cedkpokoli: it works manually15:27
cedkI relaunch the build15:27
notizblockcedk: I added the search_value: eval="[('state', 'not in', ('done', 'cancel'))]" to list only active productions.15:27
cedknotizblock: I do not think it is a logical path to find such productions15:28
cedknotizblock: I really think it is better to support search on xxx2Many15:29
notizblockcedk: ok15:29
cedkpokoli: it succeeds15:29
cedkpokoli: I guess it may be related to connection issue, I noticed some yesterday15:29
pokolicedk: ok, i suspect it also because the error was when downloading phantomjs15:30
pokolicedk: thanks15:30
cedknotizblock: because otherwise we will have to add on product a relate to sale, invoice, shipments etc.15:35
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marcPlast question, promise hahaha. Is there any module to audit/log any movement made by any user in any module? or at lest the modules I choose?15:58
cedkmarcP: what do you mean by "movement"?16:01
marcPI want to see a log to see all the changes done in a product, for example. Or a module that I have done. Like. User XXX changed field YYY on date ZZZ16:03
cedkmarcP: you can activate the _history on the model wanted:
pokolimarcP: I think you are searching something like this nantic module:
marcPcedk: I just checked the table that creates when you activate history. Looks exactly what I needed. Is there any way to extract reports of this changes? or visualize them in any way from the client?16:16
marcPpokoli: I'll take a look to it too. What's the difference between the history Cédric told me?16:17
cedkmarcP: in the form menu, there is a history popup to read record in the past16:23
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marcPcedk: saw it. I think It's what I was looking for :) Thanks!16:37
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pokolimarcP: this module uses the information from the _history models (if available)16:46
pokolimarcP: so it's complementary16:46
marcPpokoli: will take a look to it too. Thank you very much guys16:47
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