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piyushhow to create accepts a list of records as parameters for attachment?13:52
pokolipiyush: don't understand13:52
piyushhow tocreate a new attachment?14:06
pokolipiyush: via API? Use the create method with a list of dictionaries, each dictonari should contain the values of the fields specified by its keys14:16
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piyushI need to know types of values & field name14:56
cedkpiyush: Please stop asking always the same question, Tryton is a generic framework, very extensible etc. So to use its API you have to look at the code of the module installed and unsertand it.15:00
cedkpiyush: All API call are based on the same design.15:01
cedkpiyush: we will not provide you any definition for a specific call, learn to find it yourself by reading the generic documentation and the implementation of the Models15:02
piyushok,thank you I am just aksing if anyone knows & try to explain my problem15:21
piyushI already trying my self before asking!15:21
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csotelo_at_workhello dear coders16:19
csotelo_at_workI have an issu on adding taxes to a line on a programative way:
csotelo_at_workplease give me a hand16:20
csotelo_at_workis there a fast way or must I do it creating an instance for
csotelo_at_workthanks a lot16:22
cedkcsotelo_at_work: line.taxes = taxes16:22
csotelo_at_workjust that? lol16:23
csotelo_at_workcedk, thanks a lot16:33
csotelo_at_workit works as I spected16:33
csotelo_at_workthanks a alot16:33
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sisalphello, my tryton client doesn't pass through my proxy, Only me ?17:31
pokolisisalp: can I use you proxy to test it?17:32
sisalpYes it is tryton.w101.tryton-online.com17:33
sisalpport 80 is redirected to *:443 *:800017:35
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sisalp gtk on is OK because it by-passes the proxy.17:38
pokoliI can access the tryton web interface without problems17:40
sisalppokoli: This is why I suspect a problem in my network conf or on the ssl protocol of the client. If it is supposed to work as 4.2, I have to do my homework to fix it. Thank you17:48
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Pilousisalp: it seems that SSL validation behavior is different between 4.2 and 4.417:51
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sisalpPilou: it is the first time I install a gtk client. Up to now, I always ran it from source17:52
sisalpI get this on the proxy : - - [03/May/2017:17:53:48 +0200] "GET / HTTP/1.0" 400 0 "-" "-"17:54
cedksisalp: I can connect from here17:57
cedksisalp: but there is no SSL17:58
sisalpcedk: long time ago we had to rm some keys for ssl to re-inialise. It may be the case here too17:58
cedksisalp: you do not have a valid certificate17:59
sisalpcedk: I guess I have no certificate at all :-(18:01
cedksisalp: it is a self-signed on port 44318:01
sisalpcedk : ok, probably I mixed and match things to go too fast.  thank you for pointing this.18:03
sisalpcedk: do you confirm there is no SSL on port 8000 ?18:06
cedksisalp: no there is SSL on port 800018:06
sisalpcedk: do you tell me that cert invalidity may cause the problem or should I look elsewhere ?18:10
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cedksisalp: tryton client can no more connect to invalid certificate18:12
sisalpcedk: is self-signed invalid ?18:12
cedksisalp: if it is not recongnized by the OS, it is not18:15
sisalpcedk: thank you for explaination. It tell me why it doen't work. I'll have to figure out how to fix this if I need to.18:16
sisalpcedk : the limitation is that let's encrypt is limited to 20 certs/a week18:17
cedksisalp: why dont you get one certificate for *.tryton-online.com18:21
sisalpcedk: it is one of the options18:23
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sisalphi, trying to use trytond-admin to init a db, with and without --password, I don't see any difference. It prompts for password.  Is it expected ?19:44
sisalpis it possible to not set a password when initialising a db ?19:45
kstengersisalp: --password is to force asking on a second run, so it's expected19:45
sisalpkstenger: thank you, it is consistent with the documentation indeed. Will deal with it.19:47
kstengersisalp: IIRC it was possible to get a DB without admin password when you cancel or get an error on the first run, so this parameter was created to fix this19:48
sisalpkstenger: but so it is meaningless on first run.19:51
kstengersisalp: yes20:02
sisalpkstenger: in fact, not so simple to skip this password, will have a deeper thought tomorrow.20:20
sisalpkstenger: thank you20:20
kstengersisalp: do you actually want to skip it? why so?20:21
sisalpkstenger: because trytond-admin is called by a script, and I cannot prompt for a password at that level.20:22
sisalpkstenger: after the database is set, I have the opportunity to reset passwords20:23
kstengersisalp: ah, so you do not want to skip it, you want a scriptable solution :-)20:23
sisalpkstenger: I would prefer a skip, but will probably end by encoding some kind of password.20:24
kstengersisalp: did you check TRYTONPASSFILE ? It's explained in trytond-admin --help20:28
sisalpkstenger: I was trying not to do that because I'm lazy.20:34
kstengersisalp: will keep that in mind20:35
sisalpkstenger: by the way, when I add << EOF pw pw EOF, it prompts for password anyway20:36
sisalpkstenger: ;-) in fact I would prefer if creating a new db20:39
sisalphad no impact on environment.20:39
sisalpkstenger: thank you anyway20:40
cedksisalp: TRYTONPASSFILE was added specially for your use case20:47
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kstengerlazyness on the other hand has no programatic solution20:47
sisalpcedk: waooo ;-) thank you and I cannot avoid it then ;-) Will make a try20:51
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sisalpcedk: I have set TRYTONPASSFILE=/tmp/file and put a password in file, but still prompted. I'm missing something probably obvious20:59
sisalpcedk: added export and WORKS LIKE A CHARM !21:01
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