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sisalphello, When I add a coment line to an invoice, crediting it (to counter-pass in accounting) fails. Just for me or is it a bug ?10:03
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cedksisalp: I think it is a bug, please fill an issue with the traceback11:51
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bigmeHello there! I would like to thank you first for your awesome work on/with Tryton!14:12
bigmeOne question: is it possible to configure Tryton to be able to do differential taxation?14:12
bigmeDifference taxation it is.14:14
cedkbigme: what is that?14:21
bigmeCedric, thanks for the reply. I'll have to do a quick translation. Just a moment, please.14:22
bigmeThis is a form of taxation in Germany. The "difference taxation" - directly translated from the German "Differenzbesteuerung", is of importance when one is trading with used goods (antiques for instance). This kind of taxation is there to prevent new VAT taxation in full of the same item one is trading.  This taxation is only applied to the difference between the purchase price and the selling price.14:30
cedkbigme: I guess it will require some development to extend tax to make such computation14:32
bigmeI'll have to look into the source code then.14:35
bigmeCan I extend such a functionality by adding it via a separate module?14:37
cedkbigme: yes it should be possible14:38
bigmeThanks a lot!14:39
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inthendHi all i just installed tryton and setup the database, all works well except that i have only 2 modules in the modules list ( ir and res)19:40
inthendhow can i get the complete list and choose what i want to install19:40
cedkinthend: you have to install each module you want19:41
cedkinthend: and use trytond-admin --update-modules-list option to refresh module list of your database19:42
inthendhow ? with trytond-admin ?19:42
cedkinthend: tryton modules are standard python packages19:43
semarieinstall them in the same way you installed trytond19:43
inthendah ok i see thank you19:43
semarieyou could look at for a description of the modules19:44
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inthendcedk works fine thanks again20:52
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