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LordVani was wondering09:35
LordVanwhat exactly do i need unoconv for?09:35
LordVando i need it for odt/ods/pdf generation, or is relatorio enough for that?09:35
cedkLordVan: it is needed to convert OpenDocument into other formats09:41
cedkLordVan: there is an issue to replace it with simple call to office:
LordVancedk, hi ^^09:43
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LordVancedk, so if i want pdf i need unoconv09:47
LordVani don't really care if unoconv of call to libre/open-office09:47
LordVanbut basically i need to install libre or open office in my LXC container for tryton09:47
cedkLordVan: yes, if you really want to have PDF09:48
LordVanwell *really* is the question now ^^09:48
LordVanodt/ods have the advantage to be easier to edit (which could also be a disadvantage with our users lol)09:48
LordVanbut basically if i don't need system generated pdf I can make do without installing libre/openoffice and all it's deps i don't otherwise need in the container09:49
cedkLordVan: normally, documents are open in read-only mode by default09:51
LordVanthat is good09:52
LordVanthen i leave it for now09:56
LordVansince that would be one hell of a lot of deps09:56
LordVanwould you recommend running it with it's own postgresql within the container or (as i'd probably do now) with postgresql in a different lxc container?09:57
LordVanthat aside ... how have you been cedk - been a while since we talked ;)09:58
cedkLordVan: it depends on your goals, how much instances you are running, what can of usage etc.09:58
LordVancedk, well i have dbmail & some other dbs as well09:58
LordVanbut i think i will put it in a seperate container09:58
LordVanshould at least have less upgrade headaches that way i think - and i don't think i want to run like 3 instances of postgresql on that box09:59
cedkLordVan: I do not understand, why are you using containers?09:59
LordVani just want to seperate the different things because upgrading one base package of the system can become a major headache sometimes when you have php stuff, .. depend on it10:00
LordVan(security is somewhat a concern too, but mainly i want less stuff installed on the "base" system10:00
cedkLordVan: I do not think container provides any security10:01
LordVancedk, well it runs unpriviledged, so if there was a security problem in one it would have no permissions to do anything on the base system or in other containers10:02
LordVanbut as i said10:02
cedkLordVan: the postgresql dependencies are quite small and should not have any complication10:02
LordVanpostgresql is fine10:02
LordVanbut all the php stuff10:02
cedkLordVan: and normally upgrade of PG should not break things10:02
LordVanyeah pg is fine10:02
cedkLordVan: as far as I know PG and Tryton can run unpriviledged10:03
LordVanthere'S a lot of stuff running on that machine10:03
LordVancedk, that is true of course10:03
LordVanas i said security is not my main reason10:03
LordVanit is just i have to be real careful when i upgrade some base system stuff to not break DNS, Samba, ...10:04
LordVani don't have the luxury of lots of servers10:04
LordVanso they all have many roles10:04
LordVani also will put samba in a container for example10:04
LordVan(samba is a lot more of a pain than tryton or pg haha)10:05
cedkLordVan: so I have no recommandations10:06
LordVan^^ fair enough10:06
LordVanwell i go with one postgres instance i think because 3+ postgres instances on that machine is very likely just overkill10:07
LordVanthe only really big db is dbmail10:07
LordVananyway my main question about unoconv was answered so all is good :D10:08
LordVani want to import data from dolibarr .. do you know if someone has done this before?10:08
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cedkLordVan: we have done some from Odoo/OpenERP to Tryton and wrote a basic script:
cedkthis can be inspiration10:16
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LordVancool thanks10:16
LordVanthough i know the dolibarr db quite well as i had to fix/add some stuff ^^10:17
LordVanunfortunately for me a lot of the dolibarr code & db tables & column names are in french10:17
LordVangave me some headaches there10:17
cedkLordVan: they still use french naming?10:19
LordVanwhich is a major pita if you don't speak french10:19
LordVani had to look at my tables contents to figure it out10:19
cedkLordVan: ha French guys…10:19
LordVanand the code has lots of french too10:19
LordVan(worst of all the example code and wiki too)10:20
fabixcedk: yes, bad guys ;)10:20
LordVani even had to fix some bugs10:20
LordVanfabix, haha10:20
LordVanbut it seems tryton should fit my purposes more than dolibarr anyway -- and it is python and not php ^^10:37
LordVanso aftera ll those years i might still start using tryton at work now :D10:39
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LordVanI shall let you know how the data import from dolibarr goes10:59
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cedkLordVan: good, if you write a similar script than openerp2tryton, it will be great to publish it11:16
LordVani will see if i can make a generic one or if i have to accomodate some .. extras ^^ but i will put it up somewhere11:18
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mrichezhi need some advices and may be examples... to filter product on specific category defined in a configuration (tryton 4.2)16:34
mrichezso i define in configuration my default_category as a property on a Many2One on product.category16:36
mrichezin another class i need to get products from this specific category (and children too)16:37
mrichezis defining a function field on a property allowed ?16:38
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cedkmrichez: yes it is but this means the result will also depend on the context16:46
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mrichezcedk: what would be the alternative? i try to avoid a check box for each kind of product i need to filter16:48
mrichezcedk: sorry, i'm leaving16:57
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LordVancedk, quick question: can i not use emerge --config app-office/trytond-4.4.1  if i have the postgresql server on a different machine?20:45
LordVanah nm.20:46
LordVanthat just creates the db user20:46
LordVanACTION wonders what graphviz is used for20:50
LordVanbtw cedk is it just me, or is a sample config file for trytond "missing" from the gentoo ebuilds?21:01
LordVanACTION looks @ opensuse's config example21:17
LordVanthis is odd ..21:44
LordVani specified uri = postgresql://tryton:secretPwd@serverIP:5432/ in trytond.conf21:44
LordVanbut when i run trytond-admin -v -c /etc/tryton/trytond.conf -d tryton --all21:45
LordVan4046 139655752156928 [2017-06-19 19:45:03,832] INFO trytond.backend.postgresql.database connect to "tryton"21:45
LordVanpsycopg2.OperationalError: could not connect to server: No such file or directory21:45
LordVan        Is the server running locally and accepting21:45
LordVan        connections on Unix domain socket "/run/postgresql/.s.PGSQL.5432"?21:45
LordVanany idea what i did wrong here?21:45
LordVani left a 3rd '/' ..21:57
LordVancedk, btw tryton-admin gives an error message about not finding genshi when run with python3 .. maybe "force" it to run with python2.7 ?21:58
lukiohi everyone, one of my custom modules where using the method dictfetchone from backend/ It seems that this method has been removed from core. Do I have any other way to fetch the row as a dictionary?21:59
lukiohere is the commit which remove the method:
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LordVanI get this error on trytond start: ConfigParser.NoSectionError: No section: 'formatters'22:13
LordVani think it was something missing from my confing or so .. anyone happen to know what it is?22:13
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LordVanfound the error ^^22:24
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lukioHi, I found that has been replaced by cursor_dict method. ->
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