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alexbodnhello friends.16:14
alexbodni'm trying to add a strict sequence, it gets added, but in the final check, the company is not being detected. it's being tested as ((company is null) or company is null)). instinctively, i have manually set the context to the transaction, but didn't guess well. any suggestion?16:33
cedkalexbodn: add to what?16:35
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alexbodnhello cedk17:31
alexbodn.create a record in the sequences table. again, the record is being inserted, but when the insertion is being checked, the company field is being tested for null only.17:33
cedkalexbodn: I do not understand17:37
cedkalexbodn: do you set a value for the company field?17:38
alexbodni have set company in the transaction context17:39
cedkalexbodn: why not fill the field?17:40
alexbodnthe company field is filled too17:40
cedkalexbodn: so I do not know, I never have such issue17:41
alexbodncedk, the test of the record insertion is using the expression object, but it has only company is null options. as of now, i haven't understood how to make it test for a not null company17:43
cedkalexbodn: I do not understand17:44
alexbodncedk: tables, expression = cls.search_domain( domain, active_test=False, tables=tables))17:47
alexbodncedk: expression is being used later: cursor.execute(*, where=red_sql & expression))17:47
alexbodncedk: whether the context has company or not, the expression has only company is null conditions.17:49
alexbodncedk: since the inserted company field is not null, the above select returns nothing17:50
cedkalexbodn: I guess your user does not have the right to read for this company17:51
alexbodncedk: ok, indeed the exception is about access. where could i set the active user?17:53
cedkalexbodn: on the transaction17:54
alexbodncedk, where could i set/retrieve the relevant user info?17:57
alexbodnthank you, cedk18:02
alexbodncedk, is this not the user parameter ti the transaction start?18:04
cedkalexbodn: do not understand18:18
alexbodncedk, sorry, s/ti/to/18:24
cedkalexbodn: yes it is18:24
alexbodnanyway, trans.user did the work18:24
alexbodncedk, thank you very much!18:25
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