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orpheanif i want to implement some polymorphism within tryton e.g. on the product model would the recommended 'trytonic' way of doing that be to create a seperate model in another module with as simple one2one relationship and maybe some cross model update triggers or something?01:09
orpheanbut then say i wanted to override, say, the price when viewed as a product to be read only id have to mess with the product module itself and idk if its going to slam the database too hard to check whether a product is an instance of any of my "subclasses" to evaluate what functionality should change01:14
orpheancould get messy pretty quick01:15
orpheanthis is how you've done it with companies / employees being essentially subclasses of party right?01:18
orpheanand banks01:19
cedkorphean: no, we do not do polymorphism01:40
cedkorphean: you can do it at Python level but it will not be reflected in database01:43
orpheanyea so it would be better to modify the product model to accommodate for the funny cost mechanism and extract the other functionality of the product to a special model in another module?01:47
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Alex_Bkash File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/trytond/modules/product/", line 16, in <module>     from import ( ImportError: No module named company.model09:42
Alex_Bkash  /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/trytond/modules/company  ------> ls result-->  company.pyc  company.xml  cron.pyc  cron.xml  __init__.pyc  letter.odt  locale  party.pyc  tests  tryton.cfg  view09:43
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Alex_Bkash File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/trytond/modules/product/", line 16, in <module>     from import ( ImportError: No module named company.model10:20
Alex_Bkash /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/trytond/modules/company  ------> ls result-->  company.pyc  company.xml  cron.pyc  cron.xml  __init__.pyc  letter.odt  locale  party.pyc  tests  tryton.cfg  view10:21
cedkAlex_Bkash: wrong versions10:25
Alex_Bkashtrytond version is trytond 4.5.010:27
Alex_BkashI am actually trying to incorporate a HR_Payroll module10:27
cedkAlex_Bkash: it is not a released version as the odd number indicate10:28
cedkAlex_Bkash: you are using development version, so you must keep it up to date10:28
Alex_Bkashi am adding modules ---> company  country  currency  party  product10:32
Alex_Bkasheach have a tryton.cfg --> [tryton] version=4.5.010:33
cedkAlex_Bkash: does not mean it is the last version10:37
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Alex_Bkashok. maybe some other dependencies causing errors. like nereid10:58
Alex_Bkashcedk: is there any official payroll module for tryton ??10:59
cedkAlex_Bkash: you are using development version, you must always update everything to the same time11:12
Alex_Bkashyeah i got it cedk . thanks11:14
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Alex_Bkashcedk: I am actually in a very primitive stage of learning tryton. I hope im not bothering too much11:16
Alex_Bkashen_US.json not found for web client (sao)11:36
Alex_Bkashsvg images not showingup in browser. both firefox and chrome12:00
cedkAlex_Bkash: there is no translation for English by default12:33
cedkAlex_Bkash: but on trunk it should be en.json not en_US.json12:34
cedkAlex_Bkash: for the svg images, it is strange. browsers should support them12:34
Alex_Bkashi have just created two blank json files for en_US.json and en.json12:59
Alex_Bkashbut svg images not showing, evenif i can rightclick and open svg(svg codes) in new tab13:00
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Alex_Bkashchrome Version 60.0.3112.78 (Official Build) (64-bit)14:11
Alex_Bkashcedk: is there any official HR/payroll module? Thanks14:13
plaeswould it be possible to add <prev> <next> links in the docs?14:16
plaeswell, these docs:
plaesthese docs come from trytond docs?14:19
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cedkplaes: here is what we use to generate the doc
cedkplaes: it could probably be improved18:12
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plaescedk: not mirrored to github?20:59
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cedkplaes: no21:04
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orpheanis there a reason that working hours is defined on the company rather than the employee22:33
orpheandifferent companies have different employees on different employment contracts right?22:34
orpheanwould it be sensible to refactor this somehow?22:35
orpheanalso i noticed there is no current official "contract" module22:40
orpheanthough there is a request for implementation on the issue tracker22:40
orpheanbut then when looking at the implementation it is more about real contractual document definition rather than simply tracking information about contracts that would be defined in external files22:43
orpheanin general are lead tryton devs open to heavy refactoring of things like that or is it better to just role a bespoke module internally for your own organisation?22:46
orpheansomething id rather not do22:47
cedkorphean: working hours is on company because it is about the definition of what is a day of work22:52
cedkorphean: it does not change normaly inside the company, but any way it is only a convention about duration22:53
cedkin general, we are open to changes but it must be well justified22:56
cedkand it should include migration22:56
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