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csotelohello coder01:22
csotelojust a question01:22
csotelosao uses some framework?01:22
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csotelohello coders, just a question, sao uses some framework?12:07
pokolicsotelo: it uses jquery, bootstrap and some js libraries12:22
pokolicsotelo: but we try to minimize dependencies12:22
pokolicsotelo: here is the list:
csotelothenm is pure nodejs, I was tyhinking it uses something like express12:32
pokolicsotelo: nodejs it's only used to build the final js12:43
csoteloI see12:43
pokolicsotelo: once built, you can copy the files to a webserver and it will work. It's all static html and js files12:43
csotelothen is pure jquery12:43
pokolicsotelo: pure javascript12:43
csotelonice to know12:43
csotelothanks pokoli12:44
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janemHello, I have some questions about using Tryton as a Point Of Sale12:56
janemI see there is a Qt client, but is there a webclient available as well?12:57
janemAnd what about connection to Credit Card Terminals?12:57
pokolijanem: there is not official PoS module, you are talking probably about third party modules, so posting the links will help13:02
pokolijanem: tryton has a standard web client, but for a pos it should probably a web application13:03
pokolijanem: an example web application is chronos which is used to encode timesheets (with ofline mode)13:04
pokolijanem: this is chronos:
pokolijanem: could you elaborat what are you interested in Credit Card Terminals?13:05
janempokoli: thanks, I thought it was more integrated, I found this
pokolijanem: for what I see in the readme, this is a specific application that talks to a tryton server and which requires custom modules13:14
pokolijanem: didn't know so much about it13:14
janempokoli: ok, no worries. I am looking into something called "open source point of sales" now, maybe it's a better fit13:16
janempokoli: pretty new to Tryton, have just tested it a bit.. never figured out the webclient, just tried the native client for os x a bit.13:17
janempokoli: probably better to integrate a exsisting POS soulution into Tryton.. I'm guessing.13:19
pokolijanem: have a look at: (username: demo, password: demo) if you want to see the webclient13:20
pokolijanem: the objective of the webclient is to have at least the same functionalities of the native client13:21
pokolijanem: it may depend on the requirements, do you need offline mode?13:21
janempokoli: it would be prefeered13:23
pokolijanem: then you should discard the official clients (desktop and web) and use a custom client which talks with the tryton api13:24
pokolijanem: a web application using local storage it's a good aproach13:24
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