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plaesis there a way to use non-google email address for codereview?12:06
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pokoli plaes you can use a non-google email, but it must be registered as google account12:17
pokolibetter link:
cedkplaes: as any web service, you must create an account with an email address12:20
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cedkoften poeple mix up between gmail address and google account12:24
plaesyeah :S12:25
sisalphello, does the tryton client .exe installer for windows install all requirements, including openssl qnd python 2.7.9 ?12:26
plaesyeah.. managed to unlink my main email account \o/12:35
cedksisalp: I think so, there is the SSLEAY32.dll12:40
cedksisalp: what is the problem?12:40
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plaesanything else I should do here:
pokoliplaes: that should not be required as it managed by 2to313:26
plaesI know.. but this syntax is pre 2.613:26
pokoliplaes: you should create a issue for your changes13:26
pokoliplaes: and have a look at:
plaeshmm.. okay13:26
pokoliplaes: and all modules should be reviewed13:27
pokoliplaes: you can use nclone (and hg review also supports it) to clone all the nested repositories13:27
plaesso I can actually submit patches for whole repository set?13:28
plaeswhat I want to eventually achieve is to be able to do `pip install -e .`13:29
plaeswith py313:29
pokoliplaes: yes, you can submit on review for all the repository set13:35
pokoliplaes: one review that affects multiple repositories:
pokoliplaes: that's thaks to the hgnested extension:
plaesyeah.. unfortunately Fedora does have it :S13:41
pokoliplaes: you can use 2to3 . to convert the current source to a python3 version, and the call pip install -e .13:42
pokoliplaes: you don't have a python2 environemtn for developing?13:43
plaesnah.. I wanted to go with python3 by default13:43
plaesI have already too much python2-specific stuff :S13:43
pokoliplaes: but we are still supporting python213:44
plaesand as this is a new project I'm trying to set up, I thought I would invest some time in this13:44
pokoliplaes: what are you developing?13:44
plaestime management system for small factory13:45
plaesactually resource planning13:45
plaesnothing fancy ;)13:45
cedkI do not see the point of such change13:45
pokoliplaes: but you are developing some modules that extend tryton base one, don't you?13:46
plaesnot yet, but eventually yes13:47
plaesfirst step is to figure out the upstream contribution process13:47
plaesand then figure out a two-way sync between tryton and current accounting system13:48
plaes...which also contains client list13:48
pokoliplaes: then you should probably support only python3 on your modules, and everything will work without problems13:49
pokoliplaes: if you want to figure out the contribution process, then you should probably have a look at easy issues:,1,2,3,4,5,6,7&@sort=-activity&@search_text=&@columns=id,activity,title,creator,status&@dispname=Show%20Easy&keyword=27&@group=priority&@filter=status,keyword&@pagesize=50&@startwith=013:49
cedkplaes: we will not accept changes to make current code works on python3 without 2to3, it will introduce too much switch cases13:50
plaescedk: ok, though my patch actually removes deprecated syntax even for python2.713:51
pokoliplaes: tryton has an accounting module, have you evaluated replacing the current accounting system with tryton to have all unified in a single place?13:51
plaespokoli: yes, looked into that13:51
plaespokoli: eventually13:52
cedkplaes: what is the point of changing something that works?13:53
plaescode cleanup13:53
cedkplaes: the code is not cleaner13:53
cedkplaes: it is just a different syntax13:54
plaesyes, but new code supports both 2.7 and 3.x out of the box13:54
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cedkplaes: what is the goal as it will not work?13:55
plaeswhat will not work?13:55
cedkplaes: running the same code for both major version of Python13:56
plaesit's a small step towards getting it running13:57
plaeswell, I don't want to argue13:57
cedkplaes: we do not want to get it13:58
cedkall those syntax changes will be done once python2 is dropped13:59
pokoliplaes: it's easier to manage one single sistem that sync values between two systems14:00
plaespokoli: at the moment I don't want to take ownership of accounting14:01
plaesand it's currently more like a skunkworks project14:02
pokoliplaes: no problem. Indeed you can start with other modules and some time in the future switch the accounting (if desired)14:02
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sisalpcedk: connection to is ok but connection to fails with "impossible to connect to server"14:51
cedksisalp: I can connect under Linux15:05
plaesalso, curl doesn't show anything exceptional15:06
plaescan you install letsencrypt's CA certificate for this system?15:07
cedksisalp: if I put the port 443, it works also on windows15:11
cedksisalp: I guess you have a bad redirection on port 8000 or a wrong certificate15:12
cedksisalp: on default port 8000, the server answers 400: Bad request15:12
plaescedk: you need to try with tls15:25
plaesserver is configure wrong15:28
plaesalthough I got to https its location header points to http15:29
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sisalpcedk: plaes: thank you for your answers. Checking.19:39
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