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thilo_Hello!? I'd like to ask a question regarding an gnuhealth/tryton installation on opensuse 42.3.05:00
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thilo_To be more specific I cannot login to the database with the tryton client. The trytond log always shows bad login or password 'tryton' from using http on database 'mydbtest'. Anyone?05:44
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thilo_Different question: From within China I am unable to the mailing list because it tries to access to, obviously blocked by the Chinese Fire Wall. Is there any other way to subscribe to the mailing list?06:11
thilo_*connect to the mailing06:12
semariethilo_: if you are able to send mail to, you could subscribe via mail using tryton+subscribe@googlegroups.com06:19
semariethis one is the english mailing list (from
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thilo_semarie: Thank you. I'll try.06:36
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thilo_Is there anyone who can help me with  "invalid login from" error. I made three installations on two different computers. The gnuhealth guys only suggest to create a new database. Any ideas how to pin down the issue?07:33
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LordVanwhen was the tryton event in brussels going to be again? i forgot14:20
LordVanmaybe i can make it14:42
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LordVanhmm the "Want to participate" is not clickable and empty . how does one register?15:02
cedkLordVan: looks like your browser prevent the script15:08
cedkLordVan: you can go
LordVancedk, just standard chrome though .. ah wait adblock15:09
LordVanlet me try15:09
LordVanah yes it was adblock15:10
LordVan€20? that is a fair price15:10
LordVando you expect them to sell out fast?15:17
LordVancedk, maybe put a note with the participating part of the page to mention that adblock(plus) (can) block it15:19
LordVanouch .. train would be at least 13.5 hours for me to get there15:22
cedkLordVan: I added a link, will be there soon15:22
LordVancedk, :) - just to avoid to other people having the same issue :D15:23
LordVani wonder if a flight would be feasible15:23
LordVandoes liege have an airport?15:23
cedkLordVan: if we see that we run out of seat, we will try to find a larger place15:23
cedkLordVan: yes but not many flights15:23
cedkLordVan: Brussels airport is at 50' by train of Liège15:24
LordVanyeah there seem to be no flights there from vienna at all15:25
LordVani've been to brussels before (for fosdem)15:25
LordVanhm this is a bit annoying .. i couldnt book a train even if i wanted to now since I have to wait for the new (from dec 10th) train timetables15:25
cedkLordVan: there is also Cologne but trains maybe complicated15:26
LordVani like cologne airport - cheap and not a complicated layout like düsseldorf ;)15:27
cedkLordVan: There is at least one train every hour for BXL-LG15:27
LordVancedk, well i shallc heck out my options when I know if I can make it at all (and after securing a conference ticket ;))15:27
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