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csotelodear coders, for any reasong this sentence is no working well on one of my reports <myarray[2] or None>, error tell me "IndexError: list index out of range", although is ok, I hope when an index doesnt exists on my array, then give me null or something like that. Any suggest?11:31
cedkcsotelo: test if the length is right before using it11:34
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csotelocedk, What I am doing on a context is generate an array of arrays, sopmething like [invoices_array[i:i + 5] for i in xrange(0, len(invoices_array), 5)], where invoices_array is an array of n invoice numbers, then I need to show then on a table. If my array lenght is 5 o 10 or 15.. or any related number to 5 multiple, it works ok, but when it is not a 5 multiple number, the give a index out of range. My code on report is "<for11:39
csoteloeach="invoice in invoices_array"><invoice[0] or None>...<invoice[4] or None></for>"11:39
csoteloI am using that on a formated table, and I am looking to prevent error on out of index. I was using "or None" but it is no working on my code. I ma using Tryton 3.811:40
csotelocomplete line of code : invoices_array = [invoices_array[i:i + 5] for i in xrange(0, len(invoices_array), 5)]11:41
pokoli csotelo it's because you are slicing the array by multiples of 511:42
csotelopokoli, yes, of course11:42
csotelothat is the reaso on looking for how to prevent error when an index on an array doesnt exists11:43
csotelofor example, I have myarray[4], but index doesnt exists, on python is just "if myarray[4]:" I I just done "array[4] or None", but doesnt work11:44
pokolicsotelo: sorry but don't understand what are you doing with arrays11:45
csotelopokoli, I am iteting this array on a report, and I want to prevent any error when an index doesnt exists,11:46
pokolicsotelo: so just iterate one by one11:48
cedkby the way, it is not array but list in Python11:49
csotelocedk, you are right, sorry11:52
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jim__How to get  all sales details of opportunity module in single request?12:37
jim__rightnow, it just returning array of sales ids12:38
jim__shouild I make multiple request for each id or is there any other option?12:40
cedkjim__: you can use search_read method12:51
jim__cedk: I am using same method, But my question is can't  I get array of all details of sales instead of just array of sales id in opportunity module?12:54
cedkjim__: don't understand, why are you talking about module?13:01
jim__cedk: check this
cedkjim__: yes, you must make a second call to read all sales13:07
jim__second call for each sale id?13:08
cedkjim__: read take a list of ids13:11
jim__oh, yes I remembered it now , Thanks for your help!13:12
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mrichezhi need some help on form_relate... i've added a new origin on a move, now i would like to find all moves with this specific origin using a form relate but the relate option never displays... here's my module :
cedkmrichez: are you in the group printer_admin?13:38
mrichezcedk: yes, i'm using admin user13:39
cedkmrichez: it does not mean that you are in the group if you did not explicitly put it13:42
mrichezcedk: done, line 9 in printer.xml13:45
cedkmrichez: did you logout/login to clear client cache?13:53
mrichezcedk: yes, and updated module with trytond-admin13:58
pokolimrichez: can you check thea ction is on ir.action.act_window and it has the related keyword from the client?13:59
mrichezpokoli: ? Define ir.action.act_window  line 86  -
pokolimrichez: but it's correctly updated on the database?14:03
mrichezpokoli: will check14:03
mrichezpokoli: seems not in database ???14:07
mrichezpokoli: sorry, my relate is there :-) wrong database14:16
mrichezcedk: sorry, my relate is there :-) wrong database14:16
mrichezmy relate domain is not correct, but now i have the relate option :-)14:17
pokolimrichez: the same happened to my so much times, that's why I usually check with the client if everything is on place :)14:28
mrichezpokoli: :-) i've many tests databases and names are similar... sorry for annoyance.. will check next time before posting14:40
pokolimrichez: maybe time to clear the tests databases :P14:40
mrichezpokoli: indeed14:40
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sisalpcedk: you think that a self-signed certificate is less secure than let's encrypt ? and that non-ssl communication is safe because it implies that the user knows ?17:49
cedksisalp: no17:54
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andrespolitihi, in tryton 4.0.5 the thousand separator is shown for desktop but not for Sao22:14
andrespolitiis there a fix for this?22:14
cedkandrespoliti: no22:21
andrespolitiany clues about where i should look to fix it?22:25
cedkandrespoliti: it would be in set_client/get_client of Float22:33
cedkandrespoliti: but we did not find good lib for the parsing/formatting22:34
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