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mrichezhi, got 404 error with  working with old url
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semariemrichez: there is DNS change in propagation regarding codereview.tryton.org09:37
semariehere => CNAME
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mrichezsemarie: ok thanks09:52
mrichezsemarie: will wait09:53
cedkpokoli: I have setup the module account_es, you can push it10:07
pokoliperilla: thank you, I'm going to push it this moring10:09
pokoliups, i meant cedk sorry10:10
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Tim_HI I am getting this error : "Calling method search_read on <class ''> is not allowed"11:37
pokoliTim_: which classes does you module inherit from? does it inherit from ModelStorage (or ModelSQL) ?11:39
Tim_I guess ModelStorage!11:40
pokoliTim_: you should check it, because ModelStorage adds this method and makes it callable11:41
Tim_how can I check this?11:41
pokoliTim_: on the source code of the module, you should check the class definition11:45
pokoliTim_: if you add some link to the source code I can check it for you11:45
Tim_I don't have source code, I am only checking in my desktop client!11:46
pokoliTim_: then you should probably report it to your system administrator as it seems a bug on one of your modules11:47
pokoliTim_: source code should be fixed11:47
Tim_also want to know difference between saleline option vs product option11:48
Tim_sale line product option*11:48
pokoliTim_: I don't know what are you talking about. This is probably not a standard feature11:52
cedkTim_: it is probably because the Model does not inherit from ModelView so this makes it used only for internal code12:02
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mrichezhi, unable to login on
mrichezalways asking for login/password15:04
mrichezsorry working with demo_fr user15:05
mrichezproblem with user demo15:06
cedkmrichez: probably someone has changed the password15:07
mrichezcedk: probably15:08
pokolimrichez: you can use admin to change it :)15:13
cedkpokoli: no because it requires a length of 815:14
mrichezpokoli: yes, but i want to restore demo/demo; password is too short :-)15:14
cedkI'm just changing the configuration of the demo15:15
cedkACTION restoring demo's15:15
cedkmrichez, pokoli: restored15:26
mrichezcedk: thanks15:26
cedkI'm wondering if we should not restore demo every day instead of every week15:26
pokolicedk: for me 24hours is enough for testing a demo database15:29
mrichezcedk: this is a demo, so 24 hours is better15:33
cedkOK let's try with daily15:40
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pokoliI've the following error when running test on sqlite:
pokolithis is related to saving the imported file to the database, is this a know issue?17:31
cedkpokoli: do you cast with Binary the value?17:38
pokolicedk: I use tools.file_open in 'rb' mode to read the file17:39
cedkpokoli: Binary.cast must always be used17:40
pokolicedk: indeed I'm using account_statement_coda as reference, which does not use any cast17:41
cedkpokoli: I guess it is because your file is not ASCII17:41
pokolicedk: yes, i think so17:43
pokolicedk: indeed using the cast solved the problem. Thanks17:43
cedkbut maybe we should put a cast in line 1062 of statement.py17:43
pokolicedk: i think this will be safer :)17:44
pokoliACTION is creating an issue and patch17:44
pokolihere is the issue (with patch):
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cedkwould be great to have issue6803 reviewed today as it adds a new error message that will not be possible after the freeze18:13
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cedknobody to review issue6803 ?19:25
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