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LiberTangoHello, just a little question10:24
LiberTangois the SAO JS client10:24
LiberTangois Progressive Web App compliant ?10:25
cedkLiberTango: sounds like subjective criteria ;-)10:27
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LiberTangoyep very subjective, but customer10:33
LiberTangocustomers are what they are10:33
cedkLiberTango: I doubt any customer asking that10:34
LiberTangosince some of them work with employees in unertain10:36
cedkLiberTango: but some hint, sao does not work offline10:36
LiberTangouncertain network conditions10:36
LiberTangoand don't want to store data in a smartphone or computers10:36
LiberTangohow many man/day need sao to work offline ?10:37
cedkLiberTango: the major requirement of ERP is to be centralized so it requires a connection10:37
cedkLiberTango: I think it will never work offline10:37
cedkLiberTango: you can not post an invoice offline, you can not fetch a 100k product list offline etc.10:38
cedkLiberTango: you can not manage a warehouse offline10:39
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LiberTangoupdate timesheet, project status10:39
cedkLiberTango: for timesheet, we have chronos which works offline10:40
LiberTangodo you have doc about chronos ?10:41
cedkLiberTango: they have not yet been such work on project management10:41
cedkLiberTango: no just install it:
cedkLiberTango: it is a progressive web app :-)10:43
LiberTangoit works offline so yes :)10:46
LiberTangotryton is very impressive10:47
LiberTangoand a nice discovery10:47
LiberTangoI want to congratulate you for the work done10:48
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csotelodear community, I was tryton to upgrade a 3.8 to a 4.2 tryton version with gnu health modules and, one new module 'purchase_request' was required as dependence, then, after tryton to run the install module this error appear, any suggest11:31
pokolicsotelo: are you sure you have the correct purchase_request version?11:32
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csoteloyes 4.211:50
csotelopokoli, version=4.2.111:51
csotelomy tryton version trytond-admin 4.2.611:53
csotelopokoli, I have noticed that it happens after apply 2to3 on purchase_request11:57
pokolicsotelo: can you reproduce without gnuhealth modules?11:58
pokolicsotelo: if so, you should probably create an issue with the steps to reproduce11:58
pokolicedk: is the old drone still available?11:59
csotelopokoli, I coul, but in two hours, since I dont have a tryton 4.2 without health_modules12:01
csoteloand I am close to go job ( 06:00 here )12:01
pokolicsotelo: don't worry, when you have time12:01
csotelopokoli, could be ok in two hours?12:01
pokolicsotelo: could be ok tomorrow too :)12:02
csotelonice to know, thanks!12:02
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pokolicedk: ty12:23
pokolicsotelo: indeed the module installed without problems on test database:
csoteloI will try to install without health, and later applying 2to3 for python312:28
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csotelo_at_workdear comunity, I am still working on update a tryton version. I have gotten this error relate dto a user deletion, any suggest?16:41
csotelo_at_workNOte: I understand that I must delete the user with ID:10 as the message tells me, but tryton upgrade is trying to delete it16:42
cedkcsotelo_at_work: it tries because it seems you have created user via XML (bad) but you can just ignore it because user deletion is forbidden16:51
csotelo_at_workI was trying to ignore an error on purchase_request module on version 4.2.1 when I move to python 3 with 2to3 script16:52
csotelo_at_workI guess the best way would be try to fix the issue on a manual way on the purchase module :S16:52
cedkcsotelo_at_work: I do not understand16:52
csotelo_at_workwas an error pasted on this early morning on my time16:53
csotelo_at_workwI have an error related to purchase_request module, after 2to3 conversion script16:53
csotelo_at_workI was trying to avoid this module issue commenting stock supply module dependences16:54
csotelo_at_workI gues that is the reason on the error
csotelo_at_workcedk, I have pasted this issue at morning
csotelo_at_work5 hours ago more less16:55
csotelo_at_workI guess I must take the right and rud eway, undertand the error an dfix it16:58
cedkcsotelo_at_work: the error is very strange because there is no selection on ir.action.act_window16:59
csotelo_at_workand it just happend on purchase_request :S17:03
csotelo_at_workcedk, for any reason it works well now :S just re install the module and no more errors appear17:28
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