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cedkTryton servers are back10:48
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dmollermDear community, any mechanism to provide different texts to the same field name depending on the view? I.e. a shortened name for list or sequence views, but not for form views.16:24
pokolidmollerm: use a diferent label on form view16:27
pokolidmollerm: like <label id="label_id" string="Your long text here"/>16:27
dmollermpokoli: Yes, I thought about that, but if I only wanted to change the text on the tree view? I fear the real field name is showing in other places like reports and wizards views.16:31
pokolidmollerm: I don't think it's possible16:35
pokolibut why you need another label?16:37
dmollermIn this case for abbreviation exclusively. But I think it could be useful for contextualization as well.16:39
dmollermShould I make a proposal in the issue tracker for such a need?16:40
pokolidmollerm: you can make a proposal, but I'm not sure we should manage it16:40
pokolidmollerm: the client shortens the tree view label, so if it's too long it does not occupy more space than the column16:41
cedkI do not think it is a good idea16:41
cedklabel should be good for all cases16:41
cedkand also short, the help is there if it requires longer text16:43
dmollermI understand your point (and I actually agree). Yet if somebody really required me to do so, could I hack with the fields_view_get method? (Belive me, I'm the first one disliking this)16:49
cedkdmollerm: wait until this happens and convice him that it is a bad idea16:52
pokolidmollerm: and if you can't convince, just put a non affordable price on the feature :)16:56
dmollermcedk: this is already happening XD. I won't give up this early but I'm afraid I'll eventually be forced to implement something. I told them about the possibility to make a functional field with a different name, and about how bad this idea is.16:58
pokolidmollerm: but using a functional field, will force you to implement: getter, searcher and order_functions17:01
pokolidmollerm: and also setter if list view is editable17:01
dmollermpokoli: indeed, yet they would be all pretty straightforward since they would nothing different as the real field, only the field name would be a difference. Yet precisely in large tree views is where functional fields are a computational handicap, that's why I'd rather avoid this17:04
pokolidmollerm: I'm more worried about code maintenance than about performance17:05
pokolidmollerm: It's for a specific tree view, or for all tree views?17:06
dmollermpokoli: So am I worried. It's for a specific tree view each time, but different fields and models.17:07
dmollermHacking the fields_view_get method works out, but I'm obviously and dangerously outside the translation system17:09
cedkdmollerm: I do not understand why you have to do that17:10
dmollermWhich is a mes up because this very module is translated to 5 languages (it's for a client rather sparse across countries)17:11
cedkif the length of a label is a problem, there is two options: fix the label because it is wrong, fix the view because it has too much things17:11
dmollermcdk: client requirement (unless they hear me this is not what they want)17:12
cedkdmollerm: just say no to the client17:12
cedkdon't be a yes-man17:13
dmollermcedk: the view is simply bizzarre, but they'll require even more fields each time XD17:13
pokoli /me is eating popcorns17:13
cedkdmollerm: so the problem is not the label, it is the view17:13
pokoliACTION is eating popcorns17:13
cedksplit it or change it or simplify it or …17:14
dmollermcedk: I'm working on that, obviously for good code maintanence17:14
pokolidmollerm: which info is show on the view?17:16
pokolidmollerm: it is a query only view?17:17
dmollermpokoli: this field is a boolean check. That's why any label looks long. But that is among 22 other fields, including 2 Text fields and 4 Function fields. There is no edition in the view.17:18
pokolilol, 28 fields in a view? is that possible?17:20
pokoliI mean is possible to understand something with too much fields17:20
dmollermThe view is bizarre and clearly unusable even in a 24" screen. That's why I can't understand why they keep requiring more fields each time17:20
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dmollermSorry, 22 fields in total. Yet unusable17:20
pokolidmollerm: probably this view is not solving the real problem :)17:22
dmollermDon't blame me XD17:23
pokolidmollerm: I don't blame you, just saying17:23
pokolidmollerm: probably it will be better to split it in several views and labels things correctly17:23
pokolidmollerm: probablly will help on the translation part :)17:30
pokolinot sure if we should also allow to show messages on form view17:32
dmollermpokoli: thanks, I'll keep that link for my dark future, but I think I'll be able to stay in the untranslatable acronym safe zone.17:33
pokolidmollerm: indeed, with 22 fields, using a single letter for each field, you only have space for 4 more fields17:37
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andrespolitihello, is it possible to make a searcher that compares 2 values of the record?18:59
andrespolitifor example domain=[('due_date', '<=', 'date_of_completion')]19:01
cedkandrespoliti: you must write a SQL query19:06
fmorato[m]Coming a bit late to the talk. The Yes Men are actually cool:
andrespolitihow can i set a sql query to a searcher?19:14
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