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dmollermDear community, any mechanism to enable line wrapping of a Text field on tree views? Just as it happens in form views.09:39
dmollerm(Sorry I had to flee on Friday)09:39
dmollermcedk: I mean this . In form views a text field will wrap the lines, intree view the lines are cut at the width of the column09:40
pokolidmollerm: If you include new line breaks on the field they will be correctly rendered on the client09:52
dmollermpokoli: But all users should agree on the width of the lines. And then anyone who sets a different column width in the view will see the lines either cut or padded09:55
pokolidmollerm: of course. If you want the client to automatically adjust, then it's a missing feature09:56
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csotelodear community, I have noticed that filters are just looking  / searching on english words. As exmaple, I have es_PE set on some tryton installs, and, When I try to do a search using filters on currencies, like Dollar from USA, on es_PE, Dólar Estadounidense, then search doenst find it, however if I seach using english words, they works well11:42
csoteloit happens on all modules that have values set from XML11:43
cedkcsotelo: what is your language?11:45
csotelocedk, Peruvian Spanish (es_PE)11:47
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csotelocedk, I gues it is related to my translation, however I really dont know how to fix it, cause it works ok on es, but no on es_PE11:51
cedkcsotelo: I think it is a bug from when we added support for parent language11:52
cedkcsotelo: I guess the translation is on es language and not es_PE11:52
csotelocedk, yes, translation is on es not on es_PE, I was follow translation mails and I skip to translate this words11:53
csoteloI am using tryton 4.2 since gnuhealth modules last version are written for this version11:55
csotelocedk, by the way, I couldnt do any kind of tranlate on pottle, I dont have permissions, I am a es / es_PE translator on GNU Health11:56
cedkcsotelo: see with the es_419 team11:59
cedkcsotelo: the admin is smarro12:00
csotelonice to know12:00
cedkcsotelo: please fill an issue about the translation search12:02
csotelook, sure cedk12:02
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pokoliis possible to generate a barcode using relatorio?13:24
cedkpokoli: I do not think13:24
cedkpokoli: but there are plently lib to create barcode images which can be embeded in relatorio13:26
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csotelo_at_workcedk, hi, just for question, i18 is part of core, is it right?14:36
csotelo_at_workI ask for it in order on post the bug comment some hours ago14:36
cedkcsotelo_at_work: I do not know what is i18?14:39
csotelo_at_workI understand, I guess I must post it with no componnet then14:41
pokolicsotelo_at_work: the report is related to server side, so you must use trytond as component14:44
csotelo_at_workpokoli, thanks14:44
pokolicsotelo_at_work: tryton translations are managed by the ir.translation model14:45
pokolicsotelo_at_work: that's the translation system, or what you call il18 (IIUC)14:45
csotelo_at_workpokoli, thanks a lot!14:45
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