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mrichezhi, what's the best way to filter a Many2One ? is the filter option available too ?11:23
pokolimrichez: probably using a domain11:25
mrichezpokoli: with a domain, i get an error '... is not valid according to its domain..'11:27
mrichezi'm looking to filter a model on specific state...11:28
pokolimrichez: you can use a conditional domain depending on the contest11:30
pokolimrichez: for example, like done on the stock module:
pokolis/on the contest/on the state/11:31
mrichezpokoli: in my case, state is the state of many2one model...11:33
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pokolimrichez: so what do you want to filter?11:34
mrichezpokoli: in my case, i need to get purchase_requests in draft state...11:34
pokolimrichez: so if purchase request is the target model, just use [('state', '=', 'draft')] as domain11:35
mrichezpokoli: but state of the request will evolve and then i get error "not valid according to its domain" ... or this error is not linked to the domain ?11:36
pokolimrichez: that's why we add a state on the source model, to only apply the filter "on the first version of the evolution" :)11:39
pokoliindeed, the error will only be raised if you modify the field or any of it's dependendant fields11:39
mrichezpokoli: ok, will try with conditional domain..11:42
mrichezpokoli: thanks !11:42
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pokolicedk: have you seen ?12:52
cedkpokoli: what do you mean?13:01
pokolicedk: I doubt if it's relly required to explicity list all depends fields13:02
pokolicedk: probably we can add automatically the fields as depends without forcing the developer to list them manually13:02
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cedkpokoli: I commented in review. We should remove the test because any depends on the buttons are strictly needed.13:05
pokolicedk: then better to test only for unknown depends13:08
cedkpokoli: yes probably13:09
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andrespolitihello, is there a way of triggering a validation of a one2many element when the accept button is pressed, instead of when the parent is saved?15:41
cedkandrespoliti: you can use pre_validate:
andrespoliticedk: that pre_validate can be used on custom buttons, but how can i trigger it when pressing the accept button?15:53
andrespolitiooh, i see what you meant15:54
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pokoliany idea which should cause ?17:18
cedkpokoli: I'm fixing the first error17:24
pokolicedk: ok, thanks17:42
cedkpokoli: seems to be fixed
pokolicedk: everything ok now. Thanks17:50
pokoliis there any reason to change the statement name and date once it has been posted?17:50
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cedkpokoli: is there a reason to not18:08
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