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efkin_-is there a way to use custom password hashers in tryton?10:31
cedkefkin_-: yes, you have to extend the methods hash_method, hach_* and check_* of res.user10:32
efkin_-cedk: thx!10:33
cedkefkin_-: out of curiosity, which hash method do you want to implement?10:40
efkin_-cedk: i need to support poor md5 for migrating old users from a magento, and then support also PBKDF2 for other type of users... -_-10:42
efkin_-pbkdf2 w/ sha25610:45
cedkefkin_-: make sense10:50
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cedkefkin_-: you can keep bcrypt as default method so when the user will change its password, it will be hashed with this method10:51
efkin_-cedk: sure thing!10:53
cedkefkin_-: I would recommend you to use
efkin_-cedk: thx a lot!10:57
cedkindeed I think we could have a module which implement all key derivation from
efkin_-sounds good11:03
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cedkLordVan: hi13:39
LordVancedk, how was the conference? (unfortunately I couldn't make it)13:40
cedkLordVan: you can watch it at
LordVancool :)13:41
LordVanACTION wonders when FOSDEM was next year13:41
LordVanare you going to be @ fosdem ?13:41
LordVanah 3rd and 4th feb .. sooner than i thought13:42
cedkLordVan: yes13:45
LordVanmaybe i can make it there .. hmm13:45
LordVangotta check13:45
LordVani wonder if any (cheap ) rooms are still available13:45
cedkLordVan: indeed I volunteer to host the Python stand for 2 hours13:45
LordVani've only managed to go there once before but that was fun (except for my ear infection, which made it a bit unpleasant the first day since after the flight i was dizzy,.. )13:53
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efkin_-is there a reason why tryton doesn't have an internal shell for rapid prototyping? just because is it just as easy to open ipython and import trytond?14:50
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cedkefkin_-: what do you want to prototype?15:51
cedkyou can not create classes on the fly15:51
efkin_-cedk: just to play around with already registered Modules (play with queries and so on), also a possible usecase is to import objects via shell in such a way tryton field validation get respected15:53
efkin_-i found this broken gist for similar purposes:
cedkefkin_-: you can use proteus for that16:00
efkin_-cedk: great thx16:03
cedkefkin_-: proteus is client but for dev16:04
efkin_-cedk: didn't knew about its existance, cool thing16:05
cedkefkin_-: we use it mainly to write test scenario16:06
efkin_-cedk: makes sense16:07
efkin_-cedk: any reasons to not to use pytest for unittesting? relay on stdlib?16:12
efkin_-(just for curiosity)16:12
cedkefkin_-: I personnaly do not see any advantages16:16
efkin_-cedk: also i guess compared to tryton pytest is younger so no reason to change the whole test suite just for an " emerging trend"16:19
cedkalso I think tests should be simple and tools like pytest push you to write complex test16:20
efkin_-i see16:20
efkin_-is there a naming convention for modules? i was thinking to give a try to the hashers' module these days16:22
cedkefkin_-: usually we start with the name of topic involved16:23
cedkefkin_-: like account_ for accounting, sale_ for sales etc16:23
efkin_-cedk: thx. can u post me again the link of contribution guidelines please? not sure where i ended up storing it16:24
cedkefkin_-: for the hashes' I guess it could not be somethie like authentication_hash_extra16:24
efkin_-i see16:24
efkin_-going back to coffee mug and emacs now,  c u! o/16:27
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csotelohello dear coommunity, when I call a to cls._buttons.update({...}), does this action delete previous values or just add new buttons? specificly on invoice, if I call this action on setup on an class setup, will it delete  original values? I need to add two more button actions. Thanks21:15
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