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_2cadzHi, it seems that the party name isn't printed in default template invoice, is it wanted?08:56
_2cadzI saw in the object 'InvoiceReport' the method '_get_records', which defines the context key 'address_with_party' but when printing it seems to me that this method isn't called.09:01
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_2cadzIn fact, the '_get_records' method is called, sorry, but the context isn't transmit to '_get_address_substitutions'.10:00
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LordVanquick question: what version of python is recommended for (production) trytond +modules at the moment?10:42
LordVan2.7 ?=10:42
cedkLordVan: a supported one :-)10:52
LordVan:P ok let me rephrase: which python version would you use for a new install ;)10:53
LordVanhi btw :)10:53
LordVanfor 4.6.110:55
cedkLordVan: probably python3 to avoid the migration by the end of the year10:56
LordVanso i guess i'll go with 3.5 or 3.610:56
LordVanACTION checks deps10:56
LordVanah one other thing10:57
LordVani read about issues with unoconv (and libreoffice) a while ago .. are those still a problem?10:58
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LordVandoes it make a difference if it is libreoffice or openoffice btw?11:01
LordVanACTION reads that bug now11:01
LordVanon a side note .. for which parts exactly is unoconv needed? (reports i assume ?)11:05
cedkLordVan: any by default, it is only needed if you want to convert odt report into other format11:05
LordVanok, so odt generation itself is fine without unoconv, but if i want to convert to pdf i need it then i guess11:06
LordVan(the plan is to work with odt / ods to start with anyway because of editing if there are problems)11:06
LordVanstill bummed i couldn't make it to the conference .. maybe i can manage fosdem at least ..11:09
cedkLordVan: the format convertion is just configurable in the report administration menu11:10
LordVan- the reason for all those questions was that i want to re-install my tryton in a VM together with postgresql now instead of seperate lxd containers (it is just easier to manage somehow for me )11:11
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andrespolitihello! is there a quick way, from within the desktop client, to know the name of a field?14:27
andrespolitii mean the name in the code14:27
cedkandrespoliti: no but it should be the same14:37
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andrespolitii mean the name of the field of the class, not the label14:54
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andrespolitiis it possible to fill a function one2many field with elements of a nonpersistent model?15:07
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andrespolitithe objective class of the o2m is a model that inherits from modelview, but not from modelsql15:11
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cedkandrespoliti: yes but it will have strange behaviour on a ModelSQL because the one2many records will be considered as newliy created15:32
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_2cadz_Is there a way to add a record to an Many2One in an on_change method ?17:24
cedk_2cadz_: you mean create a new record and then assign it?17:31
_2cadz_cedk: yes17:31
cedk_2cadz_: it is not allowed by default because it create side effect17:32
cedk_2cadz_: you may create multiple record which will never be used17:32
cedk_2cadz_: you should have an action that create this record17:32
_2cadz_cedk: by action you think a user action ?17:33
cedk_2cadz_: yes like clicking on a button or run a wizard etc.17:34
_2cadz_cedk: Ok thanks17:35
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