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LordVanjust wondering: is anyone who uses tryton also using some sort of document management with it? if so which one? (or can it be done with tryton itself?)08:34
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pokoliLordVan: I know there are some users that store the scanned supplier invoices as an attachment on the invoice records09:38
LordVanpokoli, hmm i am talking about production related documents09:38
pokoliLordVan: which type of documents?09:40
LordVanpdf, dxf and application specific files (solid edge drawings mostly)09:41
LordVanbut they can get quite big09:41
LordVanso probably not the best idea09:41
LordVanalso assemblies are made up of lots of linked files ..09:41
pokoliLordVan: I don't see any problem to store them as production attachments09:41
LordVanwhat file sizes would be the maximum that would be a good idea?09:44
pokoliLordVan: indeed we improved performance for large files some time ago:
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cedkLordVan: why not just use http links?09:58
LordVancedk, yeah I was just thinking that putting all those files in there is not going to work09:58
cedkLordVan: you store them on a webserver and just put a link action that point to it09:58
LordVanespecially with inter-part links09:58
LordVanalthough I'd be more inclined to store the network share paths09:59
LordVanthan go through http09:59
LordVanis there a "defineD" way to link to (windows) network share paths?09:59
LordVanor just add a field with the path and leave it to the client to open it09:59
cedkLordVan: we only have URL but I think there is a URL schema for windows share10:00
LordVansmbfs:// works on linux not sure about windows10:00
LordVanbut i will check10:00
LordVanIdeally I could also automatically copy the relevant files from a library location to the current folder when creating production documents10:01
LordVancedk, it is file://<host>/<share+path>10:05
LordVanlike file://server/data/blah10:05
LordVannot sure how the desktop application will handle it but with the browser there might be cross-scripting permisison issues ^^10:05
cedkLordVan: why? it is link opening a new link10:06
cedkindeed I think you can create a wizard that return an URL action which point to the right path depending on the production order10:07
cedkthis wizard could be registered as a form_print so it will look like a generated Tryton report (but it will not)10:07
LordVancedk, i mean what they are talking about on this:
LordVanif in a browser you link to a file:// link from a http page (on a different server) by default it would block it these days10:08
LordVani had this problme with something else before10:08
LordVanbut anyway i intend to mostly use the desktop application anyway10:08
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cedkLordVan: so it is probably better to put a simple webserver on it10:09
LordVanthat aside .. how can I enter an URL for an article/variant ? i can'T find it .. or is it as attribute or something?10:10
cedkLordVan: you have to create the field or construct it10:10
LordVancedk, I will think about what is most useful, but I still would need to copy it from that source to the current network path10:11
LordVancedk, ah ok thanks10:11
LordVanthought i was just missing something10:11
LordVanBut i guess if that process involves a copy or a download from a http source doesn'T really matter10:12
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cedkLordVan: I think you should try to avoid any copy/duplication10:43
LordVancedk, i would like to, but i think in the case of how our workflow works (at the moment) duplication is not avoidable (unfortunately)10:44
LordVani am trying to change that too, but that requires quite some changes there too10:45
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LordVanmaybe i can do that in one go when I implement tryton, but that is a lot of work so ..11:51
LordVanwill see i guess11:51
LordVansomething different .. i want to use the "code" field (in party) to store our current customer numbers, but there are some "special" cases (non-unique for example) is that possible or is it better to just create an extra field for that?11:54
LordVanThe customer number format used at the moment is 20<number of letter in alphabet>-<4 digit incremental>11:55
LordVanit is like this for (historical) bookkeeping reasons11:55
LordVanthe main "problem" I see is that there are some special customer numbers, which is used for various (mostly one-off) customers11:56
LordVandoes the code have to be unique?11:56
pokoliLordVan: yes code have to be unique:
pokoliLordVan: if you want to use the same numeration, you can customize the party sequence to include you prefix11:58
LordVanpokoli, to be honest i am not keen at all about that numbering scheme anyway11:59
LordVancuz if a company changes name you have to change the customer number11:59
LordVancuz it includes the first letter of the name in the prefix11:59
LordVanwhich imho is not needed anymore nowadays11:59
LordVan(was different back in the day when bookkeeping was mostly on paper ^^)11:59
LordVanpokoli, i shall propose a change of that maybe .. and see how the feedback is .. but i estimate not too much enthusiasm because the customer numbers are also in the bookkeeping softare and changing all that would be quite some work i imagine12:00
LordVananyway afk for lunch now back later ;)12:01
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cedkLordVan: you can store the legacy number as a party identifier12:02
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LordVancedk, yes that is what i was thinking13:11
LordVanbasically some legacy/bookkeeping number field and one for tryton internally with just incrementing numbers13:14
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lukioHi, I have a function field that depends on a many2one field. I display this field inside a tree view. I wanted to be sortable. I found and and the examples inside the code are all about to sort from a field that is from the same table. I will want to sort from a different table, and I do not understand how to write that kind of code. Thanks !21:50
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