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pokoliwhen reserving a customer shipment with a product with lot required, should tryton propose which lot should I be picked?11:03
cedkpokoli: no11:03
cedkpokoli: to be complete, since the begining lot are considered as a way to register what happened not what to do11:03
cedkindeed I think if the company has a picking strategy, it should not really be enforced by Tryton11:03
cedkbut there may be some special case where the strategy is too complex and so it must be encoded into the system but it should be the exception not the norm11:03
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pokolicedk: so the user should always enter the picked lot, and if the it has picked several lots it should use the stock_split module13:03
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cedkpokoli: yes14:03
cedkpokoli: but we need a tailored application to make this smooth, this is the goal of Ceryx14:03
pokolicedk: for our use case I think a tailored application is too complex.14:03
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csoteloDear comunity, I have found a weird behavior on a custom invoice module what I have build, when I try to nevigate on the form view ( next | prev ), appears to me a dialog box noticing me "the record have beend modified" and asking me if I want to save changes done, however I have no done any change, just navigate. My model have three fields functions defined with methodclass decorator, my question, is there a way to find a way to debug it, or at least how18:03
csoteloto know o how tryton decide to ask if a records have been changed, in order to know the reason on why my module make tryton have this behavior18:03
csoteloby the way, my full invoice class model is
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cedkcsotelo: this is probably because one of your function field return invalid value for the field19:03
cedkcsotelo: it can be too much digits for a number for example19:03
csotelocedk, I see. Is there any flag or something else to indicate that a record have been chagned? I mean, how Tryton know that a field have been modified? finally: thanks a lot19:03
cedkcsotelo: it is internal, it compare the initial value with the value from the widget19:03
cedkcsotelo: such feature is useless for user so it is not in the client19:03
csotelocedk, I see, that was just a question in order to try to understand how tryton do this check19:03
csotelothanks a lot19:03
csoteloone mor thing, for get the user who post an invoice, what will be the right way19:03
cedkcsotelo: I do not understand19:03
csoteloI mean, I need to add on a report invoice ( printed format ) the user full name who posted an invoice. I have noticed there is some field like create user and modified user, but it is for users who do a update or record modification, that is the reason on aking, what will be the right way on know who was the user who posted an invoice19:03
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cedkcsotelo: you should look at the shipment for the field received_by, done_by etc22:03
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csotelocedk, NO I am not using sales module, I mean I just talking about account_invoice and make a cusom module from this module, where I need to know who is the user who posted an invoice, befor paid it22:03
cedkcsotelo: I understood, but just look how those fields are managed because it will work for your case22:03
csoteloyes, I was thinking on write_uid, however it would manage the user id for any kind of change, including payment, I just need the "posted", I thought on invoice_historic, unfortunately it is storing just the posted date, any other suggest?22:03
cedkcsotelo: look how the shipment fields are managed22:03
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