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pokoliis there any issue with the drone server?
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pokolicedk: is there any issue with the drone server?
cedkpokoli: looks like docker need to be restarted after update10:27
cedkpokoli: seems to work now after restart:
cedkFYI, I often run the update the machines on the week-end10:32
cedkbut docker packages do not warn about the need to be restarted10:33
pokolicedk: ok, thanks for the fix and the explanations :)10:35
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pokolicedk: will you take care of pushing the release news? I'm leaving in 15 minutes15:45
cedkpokoli: yes, I'm waiting drone to pass all builds than I will do the release, publish and push on trunk also15:48
pokolicedk: ok, thanks16:00
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