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pokolisisalp: we had some custom reporting action which computes the pipeline from sale_opportunity module09:06
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sisalppokoli: thank you. I was thinking about a report under .ods format. Is it the way it was done ?14:06
cedksisalp: we do not do ods report, we prefer materialized report which can be exported in CSV is needed15:06
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sisalpcedk: what is a materialized report ?16:06
sisalpcedk: I'd like Tryton to populate a report with calculations and graphs.16:06
pokolisisalp: a materialized report is a tryton model which computes the values, like the new sale reporting functionalities16:06
pokolisisalp: we used the materialized report instead of an ods report16:06
pokolisisalp: graphs can be exported as png from the client (not sure if it is implemented on sao)16:06
sisalppokoli: let's take the requirement : On a draft quotation, I need to present the list of past lines of quotations for the same customer, the list of lines of quotations for the same product in the same area with statuses like won/lost/waiting, the list of lines of quotations for the same supplier in the same area.  Then the user uses it to determine final price in the quotation after some simultations on the gross margin and maybe some negociation w16:06
sisalppokoli: this is why I thought a .ods would be elegant.16:06
pokolisisalp: we have a similar required as "past lines of the same customer" and we implemeted it by using a related that opens all the lines related to the customer of the sale16:06
pokolisisalp: If you want it on the same view, it can be computed as a function field on the view16:06
pokolisisalp: but relate provides filter options which was interesting for our use case16:06
sisalppokoli: for sure we can implement all this in views, but what is the benefit and how then to export all this to a spreadsheet ?16:06
sisalppokoli: in fact I don't need a spreadsheet, I need s simulation tool.16:06
sisalppokoli: so the user can tune prices on each line to get the optimal margin on the global offer.16:06
pokolisisalp: then it's a mather of adding the required parameters on the line and use an on_change to compute the final price16:06
sisalppokoli; I guess this would be uneasy on Tryton interface.16:06
sisalppokoli: the final price is not computed. It is set manually on each line to get the right profitability on the quote.16:06
pokolisisalp: it's hard to propose a solution without knowing the full picture but if all the information is available on tryton you can make the simulation on tryton for sure16:06
pokolisisalp: there is a module from zz to compute the margin:
pokolisisalp: with this module you can adjust all the parameters on the lines and you will see the final margin on sale line16:06
pokolisisalp: so each simulation is a "version" of the quotation16:06
sisalppokoli: to say the least, I'm not convinced the customer has the right method to set his quotes. Therefore I was looking for a solution not to implement all that shitty process into Tryton.16:06
sisalppokoli: simulation is made manually to fix original prices in the quotation.16:06
sisalppokoli: it is done at draft step.16:06
sisalppokoli: and for example, he wants to calculate purchase costs from the sale price and the margin.17:06
pokolisisalp: why not trytin to get the right prices so there is no need to fix?17:06
pokolisisalp: purchase cost should normally be the product cost price (which is updated depending on the cost_price_method)17:06
pokolisisalp: it should be possible to compute this on a ods report if you want a simple solution17:06
sisalppokoli: for sure, this customer is not in a standard business. It is Oil and gas equipments, imported mostly from USA and sold world-wide, in a kind of big contracts through several local resellers. Purchase price is negociated case by case according to "commercial environment". If I understand correctly, their contracts are often based on a markup, not on a price list, so it is not a usual flow. I do think they should revisit their method to adapt 17:06
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sisalppokoli: I'm not sure either a .ods is a so easy way. For example, how to map extracted data on rows and columns ?17:06
pokolisisalp: you can override the get_context function of the record to make any additional data avaialable on the context17:06
pokolisisalp: indeed you can query other datasources (for example a webservice) if required17:06
pokolis/function of the record/function of the report/17:06
sisalppokoli: my point is basic or I didn't catch your answer. In an .odt report I put <> markups at the right place and to get a list of lines, I iterate. On a spreadsheet, I can write my markup in a cell, but how to iterate on an area of cells ?17:06
pokolisisalp: I understood another thing sorry17:06
pokolisisalp: you can loop in a spreedsheed the same way you loop on a writer table: Using the previous row to indicate the loop objects and the next row to close the loop17:06
sisalppokoli: ok, excellent. I will test a bit. If it sounds feasable, then the customer may chooze Tryton, then a better design will discussed. I think I see the limits of this solution.  Thank you  for all.17:06
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pokolisisalp: you're welcome and I hope your customer choses Tryton :P18:06
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plaesI remember seeing a plan to drop multiple-database support from trytond, but I cannot find this discussion/feature req anymore..21:06
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andrespolitihello, why does a remote call with xmlrpc and proteus overwrites the context of the trytond server?21:06
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