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alex_007Hi, is there any way to cancel a report printing19:06
alex_007if a invoice was already printed, i want to prevent it from printing again19:06
alex_007i tried cls.raise_user_error('Invoice already printed!'), bu i get19:06
alex_007AttributeError: type object 'account.pos.journal' has no attribute 'raise_user_error'19:06
alex_007any suggestions?19:06
cedkalex_007: report can not raise error19:06
cedkalex_007: but you should not worry, the invoice will always print the same because it is cached19:06
alex_007Yes, I know that, however ( I dont know the really reason ) the accountant custommer says that an invoice couldnt be printed twice, since it is a legal issue, then he show me other systems and they restrict the printing, once an incvoice is printed, it couldnt be printed anymore19:06
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perillaHi, one question..19:06
perillaon account plan view, only balance column is summarized to view accounts, but debit and credit account is calculated on accounts =! view19:06
cedkalex_007: just ask him how he prevents to make a photocopy?19:06
cedkalex_007: there is no point to try to prevent something that is so easy to do in real life19:06
cedkperilla: I do not read any question19:06
perillacedk: my question is that how can I get debit and credit values on view accounts19:06
perillacedk: on screenshot debti and credit is only appear on accounts != view19:06
alex_007cedk, you are completely right, hoever is a customner restriction that he show me that other systems have and he is asking me to implement the same19:06
perillacedk: I read code and get_credit_debit function on account module not use the same pattern that get_balance, ( join table_a with table_c), in order to sum on view accounts19:06
cedkperilla: debit/credit is only for the current account so on a view, it is always zero19:06
cedkalex_007: sometimes it is better to say no to stupid customer requirements19:06
cedkperilla: this is done on purpose, I think there is an issue that gives the rational19:06
perillacedk: I need debit and credit on view accounts. What can I do? Add a new function on account? that summarize debit and credit? following same pattern that get_balance?19:06
cedkperilla: why do you need it?19:06
perillacedk: because on my country, on public accounting I need to validate certaint rules at view level19:06
cedkperilla: do not understand what you show me19:06
perillacedk: for example on rule 142: I need to check that credit on account 213.53 = sum debits on other accounts 633.01, 633.02, ...19:06
perillacedk: to be able to validate this rules, I need to compare values on debit and credit on accounts at view level19:06
cedkperilla: check using all the children19:06
cedkperilla: also where do you make such check?19:06
cedkperilla: and when?19:06
perillacedk: on public account on Ecuador, these rules are a requirement in order to send balance sheets to the control entities19:06
perillacedk: I want to check this rules, before send balance to goverment control entities19:06
cedkperilla: so just write the code using child_of19:06
cedkACTION bbl19:06
perillacedk: ok, I know how to do it, but I wanted the opinion of an expert, thank you19:06
cedkalex_007: just to convince you customer, ask him what does he do if the printer crash as he will not be able to reprint ;-)19:06
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perillacedk: IMHO debit and credit should be calculated also on view accounts19:06
alex_007cedk, i also think this is just unnecesary, but for some unknown fear of my customer i thinkthe moe i can do is to print a white pageso no problem20:06
alex_007cedk thanks for the quick answer! :)20:06
perillacedk: I upload a sample image comparing two behaviors, with and without summarized debit and credit on view accounts20:06
perillacedk: and I think it's more intuitive get summarized values on credit and debit columns20:06
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