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sisalphello, when starting trytond-cron on a 4.8, I get a traceback:
sisalpanybody had the same ? Can it be matter of postgres version (9.3) ? psycopg2 is psycopg2==2.7.509:58
pokolisisalp: can not reproduce on 4.9, but from the traceback it seems that you do not have any activated module on the database09:59
cedksisalp: looks like no module is found10:00
sisalppokoli: cedk: indeed the database has just been created by trytond-admin and is waiting its first connection10:01
sisalppokoli: cedk: do you mean that cron will be effective at next restart if someone has installed something  in between. It would be ok, just a traceback for new databases.10:02
cedksisalp: no, I mean that no python modules are found10:05
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sisalpcedk: is the $TRYTONPASSFILE variable for tryton-admin still supported ?11:45
pokolisisalp: yes it is11:46
pokolisisalp: I use it on my development machine :)11:46
sisalppokoli: thank you, looking elsewhere then ;-)12:04
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sisalppokoli: looks like trytond-admin is waiting for an email address12:18
pokolisisalp: yes, this is a new feature of 4.8 and it can be specified by flag on trytond-admin12:19
sisalppokoli: what is the use of this email address ?12:19
pokolisisalp: trytond-admin -h should list this flag12:19
pokolisisalp: is the email of the admin user, which can be used to restore the password12:19
sisalppokoli: it does, but it is optionnal12:20
sisalppokoli: when I add an email toto@tata, it is ok, when I don't it prompts to get one.12:21
sisalppokoli: so how to not set an email ?12:21
pokolisisalp: you can not... An email should be set for new databases12:25
sisalppokoli: ok, so, I will forge a fix to set a broken address or something like this.12:27
pokolisisalp: who is the admin user of your database?12:32
pokolisisalp: you? or your customer?12:32
pokolisisalp: in both cases it should have a valid email address so better to set it12:33
sisalppokoli: Is it possible that a test db keeps its admin mail when it is transfered to a production server ? If so, I would be in trouble.12:36
pokolisisalp: yes, the email is keep, but no email will be sent on test environment if no smtp server is configured12:36
sisalppokoli: The typical case is the other side, from test to production, and I won't bet on smtp availability to enforce security.12:39
sisalppokoli: why do we need it ?12:39
pokolisisalp: indeed you can configure a fake smpt server for testing environemnts. Something like:
pokolisisalp: it will be used for password recovery and to send the cron issues (as normally administrator is set as request user)12:40
sisalppokoli: cron issues was my initial guess, so I didn't use it since I monitor the log. password recovery is another story.12:42
pokolisisalp: feel free to use a fake email or a generic email, but it will be good to set this with the email of the administrator: That's why we try to enforce it12:45
sisalppokoli: I guess it was disccuss at the time it was done, if I'm the only one I will forge my server. Seems to me as a bad practice and security concern, in particular at empty database creation step.12:48
cedksisalp: what is the security concern?12:48
cedksisalp: also if you realy do not want to put an email, you can just set it to ''12:52
cedkex: --email ""12:52
sisalpcedk: if I understand correctly, when a database backup is moved between two authorities, someone has the possibility to reset a password because his mail was declared at database initialisation.12:54
sisalpcedk: --email "" is perfect for me. It makes this address optional.12:54
pokolisisalp: he has the possiblity to reset it's own password12:54
cedksisalp: no, the email does not give the right to reset the password, it is to receive the email12:54
cedksisalp: only an admin group user or via command line, a password can be reset12:55
sisalpcedk: perfect12:55
sisalpcedk: so how is this email used for password recovery ?12:56
cedksisalp: for admin user, it is usually from command line: trytond-admin with the option --reset-password12:57
cedksisalp: this allows the operator to reset a password without knowning it12:57
cedksisalp: it should be useful for hoster like you because the reset password uses best practice12:58
cedkex: reset password is valid only once and for a short period12:58
cedknot only once but until it is changed12:59
sisalpcedk: seems ok. I used to patch on postgresql, for example at restore step, before I start the trytond server, it is quite similar.13:03
sisalppokoli: thank you for the link to the issue, but the link to fails13:11
cedksisalp: it works for m14:04
sisalpcedk: works from another place. it is ok.14:56
cedksisalp: is it an internal network issue or more general?15:00
sisalpprobably on my side15:00
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andrespolitihi, i'm in trytond 4.0.15 and account_invoice 4.0.6 How can i restrict a group of users of pressing the pay button of invoice? I inserted an xml record of type ir.model.button for the pay button, and then assigned permissions to a test group, but when i log into a member of test group, i can't press pay15:29
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cedkandrespoliti: what is happening?15:41
andrespoliticedk: the permissions for the button appear not to be working15:41
cedkandrespoliti: what is happening?15:41
andrespoliticedk: for the button pay of model invoice, i assigned permissions for the groups Administration and test_buttons15:41
andrespoliticedk: when i login with admin, i can press the pay button, but when i login with a member of test_buttons, i can't15:42
cedkandrespoliti: why can't you, what is happening?15:42
andrespoliticedk: the button is greyed out15:43
cedkandrespoliti: did you refresh the cache?15:43
andrespolitiyou mean by restarting the client?15:44
cedkandrespoliti: everything15:44
andrespolitiyes, same thing15:45
andrespolitithe test_buttons group also has read and write permissions for invoice15:46
andrespoliticedk: actually, it has read, write, create and delete, and i can create an invoice, but i still can't press any buttons15:48
andrespoliticedk: was it correct to add via xml the definition of the button?15:51
cedkandrespoliti: in 4.0 pay button has hardcoded readonly15:52
andrespolitifor all except admin?15:52
andrespoliticedk: and how is it hardcoded?16:02
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andrespoliticedk: okey, thanks16:33
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sim6_hello21:19 isn't working :(21:19
cedksim6_: looks like someone has exhausted all available connections21:34
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sim6_cedk: thanks for taking care of that21:47

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