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sisalphello, running trytond 4.2 on python 3.5, I get trapped in this bcrypt issue
sisalpSo I confess I used the first bcrypt that worked so far. can someone indicate what is the right way to identify and install the right bcrypt package ?10:28
cedksisalp: it is this one:
cedkand on PyPI:
cedkit is the one maintained by pyca10:32
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sisalpcedk: I think I just have to pip install bcrypt instead of my wrong pip install py-bcrypt, I test, thank you10:36
sisalpcedk: just perfect. have a nice day.10:51
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csotelodear coders, I have a question. I want to add a fields.Function to a list tree with the line "<field name="health_service_type"/>  ", however when I open the tree, appear an error telling "KeyError: 'health_service_type' any suggest?"21:33
csoteloany suggest?21:35
cedkcsotelo: need the full traceback21:43
csotelolet me use a pastebien21:45
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cedkcsotelo: the field is not defined on the model21:52
csotelolines 2 to 9 is my model, or no? it is worng defined?21:53
csotelocedk, lines 2 to 9 is my model, or no? is this a wrong definition?21:55
cedkcsotelo: I see no definition21:55
cedkonly a method that could be a getter21:56

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