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csotelohello coders, you know if there is a way to use a button to download a file ? I have created a zip file on the server and I need a way to get it from the client03:58
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pokoliI've detected that the cron job for recomputing production requests is not doing anything if there are late moves as a warning is raised. Is there some way to skip it?10:09
cedkpokoli: is it not good to not recompute in such case?10:13
pokolicedk: indeed that was not the problem. It was missing company in the cron job definition10:18
pokolicedk: the behaviour is to recompute despite having the late moves (as the error is only raised on the wizard)10:19
pokolicedk: I don't have a clear position about if it's good or not. Probably the best is to add an argument to the generate request function so it is customizable on the cron definition10:19
cedkpokoli: options are never the best10:31
csotelohello coders, I have an issue with a sequence model, for any reason, when I try to sue it, it says me "AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'id'". My code is shared on
csoteloI have checkd it more than once in order on find a filure, I also have printed some prints10:43
cedkpokoli: but finally is the cron job running or raise the warning?10:44
pokolicedk: running, the warning is raised only on the wizard10:44
cedkpokoli: OK, I guess we can let it like that10:45
cedkpokoli: user who automate the computation with the cron job could expect no failure10:45
pokolicsotelo: the error is because there is no sequence set on your configuration model10:46
csotelopokoli, .. I gues lost on soem palce, let me check .. thanks10:47
csotelopokoli, any same please on how to do that, please10:48
pokolicsotelo: don't understand10:53
csotelopokoli, you wrote me """the error is because there is no sequence set on your configuration model""", for been really honest, I get lost on it, I mean on my mind "how to do that?" any sample code about that?10:54
pokolicsotelo: on your code you read the sequence value from a singleton. This singleton should have a modelview in the UI, so open this model and set the sequence value11:04
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csoteloI see, I was thinking on a code fix or something like that11:09
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csoteloby the way, on my try and testing, I have deteleted the data instaled from the module install """DELETE FROM ir_sequence WHERE id = 97;""" ( also on the pastebin ), after module update, the data is not been loaded again, is there a way to force to re cerate it?11:17
csoteloI gues it was easy to force the update, just take off the noupdate attr :/ :)11:24
csotelopokoli, for been really honest, I dindt do anything else, just takeoff the noupdate, and it is working right at this moment11:34
pokolicsotelo: how do you created the sequence? by xml file?11:35
pokolicsotelo: on xmlfile there is a flag called noupdate that will prevent the update and recretion of the sequence if deleted11:35
csotelothis is on the paste bin also11:35
csoteloI have noticed that :) and after take off the code get working  :)11:36
csoteloas I spected11:36
pokolicsotelo: so if you have the sequence set, everything should work now11:36
csoteloyes.. I guess since iI set the noupdate flag on my first setup when I starting code this module, anytime when I try to read or complete the xml, was not been updated :/ newbie issue11:38
csotelofinally, what do you suggest for download a file from the server, my module is for generating a zip file with data, is there a way to download it from the server or database on the client?11:47
pokolicsotelo: use a wizard with a binary field to expose it11:56
cedkcsotelo: or use a report12:06
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csotelocedk, I couldnt use a report since it is zip file containing files12:17
csotelopokoli, do you mean to store it on the database?12:18
csotelopokoli, is there any module doing something like that? thanks12:19
pokolicsotelo: no, you generate the zip file on server side and then set as default value of a Binary field on a wizard12:29
pokolicsotelo: i don't remember any standard module using this pattern, but it's perfectly doable12:29
csotelopokoli, I see, thanks a lot12:31
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JanGBhi - I'm trying to set fields.Dict via proteus as dict - this goes to the database but it is not shown in the client. Am I missing something?13:53
pokoliJanGB: have you defined the attributes available on the dict field?13:56
pokoliJanGB: I mean the keys definition on a DictSchemaMixin related to the field.13:57
JanGBpokoli: one moment - need to check13:58
JanGBpokoli: I reused product.attribute - the field only has another domain than the normal product.attributes (finally no domain to choose from every possible attribute)14:01
JanGBpokoli: i wanted to define a field.dict like in product_attributes but without the need to select a set before14:02
JanGBpokoli: so the field is mostly the same like attributes in product_attribute but without the domain14:05
JanGBpokoli:[('name', 'in', [u'Farbe:', u'Gr\xf6\xdfe:']) - this is send from client14:12
JanGBpokoli: there is ':' appanded to the name14:12
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JanGBpokoli: uuuuuuuuuuuu - sometimes you need only ask somebody to find the answer by your own14:16
JanGBpokoli: thanks for listening, I found the error :D14:16
pokoliJanGB: I haven't done anything ;) May I ask you which was the error?14:17
JanGBpokoli: need to review the proteus script14:17
JanGBpokoli: this is a horrible german service called AfterBuy with a RestApi - they are returning 'key:': 'value' insteed of 'key': 'value'14:20
pokoliJanGB: ouch, normally the most complex to debug errors xD14:21
JanGBpokoli: possibly they wan't to simplify the creation of fields from this service - no need to add : to the key in views :)14:23
JanGBpokoli: its one of the worst services I ever consumed14:24
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