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csoteloHello coders. I am looking for a module for append discounts to an invoice, I mean, when we have the total amount, I could add a discount to it, is there something like that? thanks a lot ( I am using Tryton 4.2 )10:46
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pokolicsotelo: why not including a line with quantity = -1 and a description explaining the discount?11:12
csotelosince is restricted to have negative in our invoicing system11:13
csoteloalso on credit notes where I do a tyotal_amount  * -1. in order on having credit notes positives on printing and tax authority reports11:15
csotelomy insurance issue is related to discounts on paymemnts called "copago", they must be sumarized and put it on a invoice discount fields after total_amount, that is the rule, and taht is the reason on looking for a module instead on build one new11:17
csoteloor apped it to my account_invoice_pe module, since it is a rule11:17
udonocsotelo: hi, here is a discussion about a discount module conception
csoteloudono, thanks a lot11:25
csoteloudomo, I just seen11:55
csoteloI guess cedk make something standard for all11:55
csoteloI think I must set discounts on my locale module :(11:55
csotelosince in our tax laws any discount must be reported on the electronic invoice, other wise the company could be penalized, also closed11:56
csotelothen is just a local issue, I must inclusde it on my local module11:57
csotelothanks a lot11:57
cedkcsotelo: this is strange, companies are not allowed to set their on prices?11:59
cedkbecause promotions are just about changing the unit price12:00
csotelocedk, on promotions is ok, but , there is some rules, for example, insurances, is something like a payment on advance12:04
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csotelothen this payment on advance must be added on the invoice discount described like that12:05
csoteloand is a must12:06
csoteloand it is a must*12:06
csoteloany way could get into penalizations12:06
csotelopromitions, marketing campaigns are discounts before invoicings and that is ok12:06
csotelodoest it make sense?12:07
pokolicsotelo: you may use the account_deposit module to manage payments on adavance.12:32
pokolicsotelo: so you will have the account type to know if it's an advance payment or no12:33
csotelopokoli, yes I use that module, I am talking on how to manage it on invoicing, the advances must be on the invoicing as a discount12:41
csotelotaht is a must12:42
csoteloinsurances are a typical issue similar to advance12:42
csotelolast line was wrong .. sorry12:43
csoteloinsurances are a typical issue similar to payment on advance, that must be included as a discount on invoices12:43
csoteloI guess is just something for peru12:44
csotelopokoli, you could see it here ( spanish )
csotelojust for information12:45
csoteloelectronic invoice manage the tag PrePaidAmount12:46
csotelofor this cases, and on printinted must be appear as discount12:47
csoteloperuvian issues :)12:47
cedkcsotelo: I see no problem in using sale_advance_payment12:53
cedkyou just need to have flags to detect such lines12:53
cedkfor example the account12:54
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csotelocedk, yes, I ma thinking on something like that. initially I was thinking on using something like "discount on invoice", but I guess could be better adding a field to catch payment on advance and adding it to the invoicing12:59
csoteloThanks a lot for the help and suggestions13:00
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andrespolitihi, is it possible to add a button to a readonly model?14:16
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andrespolitii want only the button to be pressable, and the rest of the fields readonly14:17
cedkandrespoliti: yes14:17
andrespoliticedk: how can you do that? i tried adding a permission to the button but it's still readonly14:18
cedkandrespoliti: which version? how do you make the model readonly? did you restart?14:19
andrespolititrytond 4.0, the model was made readonly with a model.access rule14:20
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cedkandrespoliti: it should work if you give access to the button for a specific group14:23
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andrespolitiyes, i gave the button permission for Administrator group, but it's still readonly14:26
andrespolitithe button opens a wizard, should i explicitly give permissions to the wizard too?14:26
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andrespolitii tried giving permissions to the wizard but still can't press the button14:30
cedkandrespoliti: did you restart?14:32
andrespolitiyes, both client and server14:32
andrespolitiand i tried reinstalling the module too14:32
cedkandrespoliti: so your user does not have the right14:34
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andrespolitimy user is administrator, belonging to the group administrator14:35
andrespolitii also gave permission for the wizard action, but it's still readonly14:42
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