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LordVanif I want to extend a view in the sale module ( ) how do i figure out which expr to use?08:17
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LordVansomeone here who can help me with adding a colum to the list of items on a sale? (i am not sure what xpath i need exactly) )09:00
LordVansemarie, i just noticed that apparently 6 months ago the description field got removed from that list of items on a sale:
LordVanthough how can i now re-add it  (the file it got removed from is
LordVanshould this work?    <xpath expr="/form/notebook/page[id='sale']/field[@id='lines']/tree/field[@id='product']" position="after">09:19
LordVan(btw i only have the xml file in my module nothing else - -except the cfg file and of course09:21
LordVando i need something else if i just want to extend the view with xml?09:21
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LordVanguess i have to wait for someone informed to come online since I am kinda stuck09:42
LordVan(and the way i see it it is likely somethign really simple i am missing)09:43
LordVanafk (lunch) but leaving it online so will read possible answers later ;)09:59
smorilloyou have to xpatch the sale line tree view10:03
smorillonot the sale form view10:04
smorillo<xpath expr="/tree/field[@id='product']" position="after">10:05
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LordVansmorillo, i shall try that. thanks11:02
LordVansmorillo, doesn't seem to work . hmm11:05
vmorahi, I'm trying to port old modules to tryton 4.8, seen in the irc log "sisalp: al modules are listed on (which does not contain the gis folder)" ... well, I need support for postgis geometries and I'm a bit clueless about the hows and whys the are not supported, can someone help plz ?11:05
LordVansmorillo, i have <tryton><data><xpath expr="/tree/field[@id='product']" position="after"><field name="description" /></xpath></data></tryton> but it doesn't show the description in the list of sale items11:07
LordVando i need anything else?11:07
vmorasmorillo thanks a lot11:08
smorilloLordVan: are you defining xml of inherit view?11:08
LordVaner no - that is my whole xml file .. (this is my very first module and i didn't really find a good example of somethign like this that I did understand)11:09
smorilloyou have to define an ir.ui.view record from xml, that inherit the original id view11:10
LordVanhmm does that mean i do not need the xpath at all but just that instead?11:10
smorilloyou need both11:10
LordVanok can that be in the same file?11:10
smorillodoesn't should ...11:10
smorillothe xpath sould be in view folder11:11
smorilloand the other xml in root module path11:11
LordVanic .. do i need to define the xpath in the cfg fiele as well?11:11
smorillono, you don't11:12
smorillocheck the module sale_price_list, it adds a file in sale header11:12
LordVani shall look11:12
smorillotryton.cfg points to root xml files11:12
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LordVanok . do i need any python code too for just adding an existing column to the table?11:13
smorilloyes, you have to define the field in sale.line model11:14
LordVanah ok - i had thought changes like this can be done with just the xml11:14
smorillocheck again this module, it adds a field to sale header11:15
LordVanyes i am reading it11:15
smorillono, xml is view side11:15
LordVanjust wanted to make sure i know what i need now11:15
LordVandoes the xml file name have to match the python one?11:16
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LordVannm i do it anyway11:17
LordVantoo bad for me that the description field got removed from that table 6 months ago .. (or maybe good so i have a nice start for tryton dev)11:18
LordVanI am a bit confused though what exactly I need to do in the python file now (since I want to just show an existing field instead of adding a new one)11:20
LordVanI assume the __setup__ stuff with on_change_add( ..11:22
LordVandoes the xml fiel with the xpath have to have a specific name?11:28
LordVanI gave it the name of the original xml file11:31
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smorilloLordVan: sorry, if field already exists you don't need python code11:43
smorilloLordVan: (I didn't read the field was description)11:44
LordVani am glad my first guess was correct - it seemed overkill to require python to display an existing field11:44
LordVansoemthing is not working yet11:45
smorilloLordVan: the file name of xpath must match with the field "name" in inherit view11:45
smorilloplease paste your code in some place to help you11:46
LordVanyeah i was just thiniking i need to do this11:46
LordVansince it is several files a pastebin is probably not the right hting though11:46
smorilloLordVan: if you have bitbucket or github account you can create a repo with the module11:47
LordVanyeah was just checking if i had git on that VM11:49
LordVanor still need to set it up11:49
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LordVansmorillo, ok git is a pain to set up from scratch sometimes ^^12:05
LordVanhere is a simple pastebin of everything12:05
LordVansmorillo, ignore the file it is not used12:06
smorilloLordVan: sale.xml is wrong12:08
smorilloyou have to point to sale.line12:08
smorilloLordVan: check my changes12:09
LordVancan you change my paste?12:10
LordVanah damn gotta go afk. i shall chekc the backlog later12:13
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LordVanwell that took longer than expected13:17
LordVananyone else can help me fix my xml?13:19
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mrichezLordVan: Hi, you want to add description field on the lines in the sale form?14:00
mrichezLordVan: in this case you should extend sale_line_view_tree_sequence14:00
mrichezLordVan: so your file sale.xml should be :
mrichezLordVan: and you have to rename /view/sale_form.xml to /view/sale_line_tree_sequence.xml14:01
LordVantrying that now14:01
LordVani was experiemtning with different id/ref but couldn't figure out what i needced14:01
mrichezLordVan: i'll have to go. Hope this will help you14:01
LordVanwell the error is gone14:02
LordVanbut it still doesn't show the description .. hmm14:02
mrichezLordVan: hmm... strange...14:10
LordVanwould the <field name="model"> not hae to be sale.line?14:11
mrichezLordVan: indeed :-)14:12
LordVando i have to hcange the inherit too though? hmm14:12
mrichezLordVan: no14:13
mrichezLordVan: inherit is referencing the id in the sale.xml form module sale14:14
LordVanhmm i don't understand why it still won't work now though14:15
LordVanAttributeError: Couldn't find tag (xpath: /tree/field[@id='product']) in parent view!14:16
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LordVanI shall think about that .. gtg now myself14:16
LordVanthanks again & cya around14:17
mrichezLordVan: you should use name instead of id : xpath: /tree/field[@name='product']14:18
mrichezLordVan: bye!14:18
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andrespolitigood afternoon19:25
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andrespolitii googled for documentation about theme.css but i couldn't find much info, how can i make the required fields to have a different style?19:29
andrespolitii found that setting a css in the home/.config/tryton directory works, but how can i make this the default theme without creating files in the home directory?19:33
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