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andrespolitihi, is it possible to define a default filter for a many2one? it can't be a domain because when the record is saved, the value the domain filters changes16:09
andrespolitiso the value no longer is valid according to its domain16:09
smorilloandrespoliti: I'm afraid it is only for m2m,o2m,o2o16:09
smorilloandrespoliti: but you can add an If statement in domain16:09
cedkandrespoliti: Tryton enforce good practice like static Model16:09
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cedkandrespoliti: if your domain can not work when the record is saved, there is something wrong with the design16:09
andrespolitiits for debts payment. A debt has an original amount, many partial payments and a remaining amount16:09
andrespolitito make a partial payment, i have to select the debt, and i don't want to see all the totally paid debts, only the ones when remaining amount != 016:09
cedkandrespoliti: account_payment manage that16:09
andrespoliticedk: can you point me to how you solved that?16:09
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pokoliandrespoliti: there is a functional field that gets updated when a new payment is done, this field is used on the domain16:09
andrespolitipokoli: yes, but when the payment is done, if the debt's remaining amount becomes 0, then it is no longer valid according to its domain16:09
pokoliandrespoliti: You have to use an If clause to make the domain only applicable for non completed payments16:09
pokoliandrespoliti: but this is already implemented by the account_payment module, are you self implementing the same funcionality?16:09
andrespolitipokoli: yes, it's a debt payment module i made a long time ago and the client just wants this change, if i had to do it again i would have used the tryton modules hehe16:09
cedkandrespoliti: maybe it is time to make the switch16:09
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andrespolitii solved it with an If statement in the domain17:09
andrespolitiIf((Eval('id', 0) < 0), ('to_deduct', '!=', Decimal(0)), ())17:09
andrespolitiif the record is not yet saved, apply the domain17:09
cedkandrespoliti: well this will prevent to save an intermediary state17:09
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