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vmorapokoli,  hi, when you mentionned this line had you got an idea of what the source of the problem was ?09:09
cedkvmora: maybe you have registered multiple times the same class10:09
vmoracedk, thanks, I double check that10:09
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vmoracedk, just thinking about what you said: how can you register multiples times ? My register function is defined in the, but it's indeed called twice.12:09
vmoradid the same check with the ir module, and it's also called twice12:09 seems to be down - refuses connection12:09
cedkrmu: works here12:09
rmustrange. resolves to tracerouting12:09
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cedkrmu: right address12:09
cedkbut I remeber digitalocean send an email about some migration on their network13:09
cedkit seems running:
rmuok will try again later13:09
rmunevertheless, it looks strange13:09
rmu 6  114.740 ms  114.639 ms  115.925 ms13:09
rmu 7 <rst,ack>  115.802 ms  105.546 ms  105.327 ms13:09
cedkrmu: try to force a refresh in the browser13:09
cedkrmu: I already experimented some kind of cache issue with discourse13:09
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rmunot a browser issue13:09
rmucedk: connecting to :443 works13:09
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cedkrmu: of course, nothing is listening on 8014:09
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rmui don't know why but chrome tried to connect to :80 when entering "" and didn't try https14:09
rmubut now i can't reproduce that behaviour14:09
cedkrmu: because the site has HSTS14:09
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vmoracedk if I test 'if (cls, depends) not in mpool:' before this line it works fine14:09
vmorabut I don't understand that the problem does not occure with the 'ir' module, wich is also loader twice (trytond-admin --all -d tryton)14:09
cedkvmora: indeed the assert 2 lines above is no more accurate14:09
vmoracedk do you mean not accurate anymore ?14:09
vmoracedk thanks, then instead of my strange bug, I now have a failed assertion ;)14:09
vmorabut why, oh why, are the modules loaded twice14:09
cedkvmora: it is probably defined twice somewhere14:09
vmorawhich is the source of my problem if I understand correctly14:09
vmoracedk I did not touch to 'ir'14:09
vmoraand it's also loaded twice14:09
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vmoraACTION should set __debug__=True15:09
cedkvmora: what is the traceback?15:09
vmoracedk, I'm not there yet, because the assert won't fail, because __debug__ is False (I guess)15:09
cedkvmora: or you did not fix the assert correctly15:09
vmoracedk I fixed the assert correctly, but there is a PYTHONOPTIMIZE set to 1... so the assertions where ignored15:09
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vmoracedk did you get the backtrace on private channel ?15:09
vmoraI'm not sure I was logged in properly on freenode15:09
cedkvmora: use a pastebinner15:09
vmoracedk here
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cedkvmora: it will be better to also have the info logging15:09
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vmoracedk, sorry, I broke everything on my installl because I had a couple of modifications for python3.5 on the stock trytond-4.8.4 and I'm trying to start back from the stock 4.9.4 to be able to diff what I'm modifying :(15:09
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vmoracedk, back in the track, with the dev version of tryton now, I printed the graph and I see that we are loading modules twice indeed17:09
vmorain modules.register_classes I loop over create_graph(get_module_list()) and get duplicates17:09
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