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mrichezhi, how to test a patch with tryton-env ? before i just did hg review --fetch -i xxxxxx08:24
pokolimrichez: I download the patchset and apply it with: patch -p1 < file08:25
mrichezpokoli: ok thanks !08:29
pokolimrichez: jftr, if the patch applies to a single repoistory you can import it directly with: hg import --no-commit <patch_url>08:44
mrichezpokoli: ok. and hg review is now obsolete ?08:51
pokolimrichez: IIRC hg review does not work with latest mercurial version09:01
mrichezpokoli: ok09:02
pokolimrichez: so we use with this patch aapplied:
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pokolimrichez: See:
pokolimrichez: can also be downloaded from
mrichezpokoli: oki thanks for all explanations09:07
cedkFYI, at the we discussed with marmoute from Octobus (hg developer) about our workflow and how we could improve it09:07
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cedkI will make a post on discuss when it is clear09:13
mrichezcedk: ok09:13
cedkbut the big lines are to use a monorepo (using prefixed tag for module release)09:14
cedkuse a draft repo with evolve/topics opened to any one with account09:14
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cedkmake review on hgweb (by injecting JS to be written)09:15
cedkand dev validate topics by pushing an non-draft repository09:15
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pokolicedk: so we will only use standard hg tools, except to the review on hgweb09:17
cedkpokoli: yes the idea is to focus on the real need and not on the tools09:18
cedkindeed we have already all the bricks except for commenting on patch09:20
cedkbut we have already a tool to display patches: hgweb09:20
cedkit is not a new idea, I found this:
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cedkbut the merge to a monorepo could be complicated, we may need to contract octobus to do that09:22
cedkand the testing should be rework to run only for what has changed09:25
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mrichezWhat's the best way to ensure a field is unique ? adding an sql_constraint ?12:43
cedkmrichez: yes but NULL is always unique12:49
mrichezcedk: ok. I'm wondering where is stored the error_message linked to the constraint when using cls._sql_contraints ?12:53
mrichezcedk: is no more working ?12:53
cedkmrichez: check
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cedkmrichez: for, you may have DNS propagation delay13:05
cedkit may takes up to 7 days since last Friday13:06
mrichezcedk: ok, thanks. One more question, modelstorage.validate could also be used to check unique ? (even if sql_constraint is better)13:08
cedkmrichez: no it can not because of the concurrency and transactional behavior of Tryton13:16
mrichezcedk: ok13:18
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