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csotelodear community, about language on third, I am looking a way to set it as a default, I was trying to use def default_lang(), however as a property, is no working, I ma looking a way to set it as default, any suggest on some code lines?00:39
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csotelodear community, about language on third, I am looking a way to set it as a default, I was trying to use def default_lang(), however as a property, is no working, I ma looking a way to set it as default, any suggest on some code lines?01:00
csotelosorry por duplicate my question01:00
csoteloa keypress mistake01:02
csoteloany suggest please01:02
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csoteloHello comunity, I last night I was looking for information about setting default values on Property fields, unfortunately I get disconnected from internet, Pleasy if you have any sample or suggest about thta, will be great! thaks a lot09:19
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pokolicsotelo: see
csotelopokoli thanks for that.. but, no answer to my question on the log :(09:31
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pokolicsotelo: you should set a default value for the lang property09:39
csotelopokoli, I was looking the way on do that09:43
csoteloare you talking about a configuration value or some development to do?09:44
pokolicsotelo: as any property field you should define a value not linked to any record and it will be used as default09:50
csotelopokoli, any url as sample, please09:51
pokolicsotelo: any module that defines a sequence (stock, sale, purchase) has default value for the property defined on the xml09:55
pokolicsotelo: I remember having the same exact conversation some days ago, wasn't with you?09:56
csotelopokoli, you are right, I remember, I guess I get lost on that, I am sorry09:57
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pokolicsotelo: on which version are you working on?10:28
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csotelopokoli, I am working yet on 4.2 since it is also for gnu_health11:09
csotelopokoli, by the way I have found that you wrote me about default on properties, thanks a lot11:09
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csoteloDear comunity, I have a question related to cost_price_method, each time when I do a purchase, I must run the action "Update cost price", my question is, is no possible to do this action as default on any purchase14:53
csoteloor, yes, is it possible to update cost price on any purchase on an automatic way?14:54
pokolicsotelo: product cost price is updated when a stock move of the product is done15:14
csotelopokoli, We do a purchase and receive the stocks, but cost prices were not updated, we need to run the action "update cost price"15:19
cedkI think we must rename the "Update cost price" in "Modify cost price"15:20
pokolicsotelo: which cost_price_method are you using?15:22
csotelopokoli, I am using average15:23
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pokolicsotelo: strange, as the behaviour is enforced on scenario. See
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pokolicsotelo: did you have some simple scenario to reproduce?15:41
csotelopokoli, I ma trying again, but I am doing that on a windows desktop computer, let me prepare something like15:42
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vmoraIs there a way to "attach" files to a model without using the GUI ?16:48
pokolivmora: yes, you have to create an ir.attacment record related to the model16:51
pokolivmora: you can do it by using some python script or with a JSON-RPC request16:51
vmorapokoli thanks, but you can only do that on server side, isn't it ?16:52
pokolivmora: python script will require access to the database, and the JSON-RPC request will required a connection to the server and a valid username and password16:53
vmorapokoli I've access to the database, I'm going to look into the way ir.attachement is doing things16:56
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k_valdiviaHello everybody, where are the ids for the records in a module stored? I changed a records model in the xml file, and when I try to update I get the following error -> Exception: This record try to overwrite data with the wrong model: <record id>17:48
cedkk_valdivia: in ir.model.data17:50
k_valdiviacedk: thanks17:50
k_valdiviacedk: So, would it be safe to delete those records poiting to a particular module's records id's?17:51
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cedkk_valdivia: not it is not safe17:53
cedkk_valdivia: trytond will recreate them17:53
k_valdiviacedk: how could I update those records?17:53
k_valdiviacedk: just so they point to the right model17:54
cedkk_valdivia: you must change the xml id if you change the model of a record17:56
k_valdiviacedk: I see, thank you17:58
csoteloHello, I have a question about to import process, how could I update insted of insert on import? bests18:10
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vmorapokoli thanks a lot for the leads, I took the second option you suggested: create the file_id the same way it's done in tryton, save the file in the right place with the right name and insert into ir_attachement18:33
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csoteloHello, I have a question about to import process, how could I update instead of insert on import? thanks20:24
cedkcsotelo: it is not supported20:31
csoteloI see20:31
cedkcsotelo: the import is pretty simple, we prefer to use proteus script20:31
csoteloI see, I just looking for a fast way to do that20:32
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cedksemarie: I saw that you published OpenBSD packages, if you want we can publish it on
csotelohi comunity, again with questions. I need a way to update list_price on update_cost_price action, the reason, I need to manage profit margin for each product based on cost price, then if the cost_price is recalculated, then list private must do the same. I was looking for the way on do that on update_cost_price without success, any suggest? please22:42

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