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hola1_I've installed tryton for the first time on debian buster with apt. but i fail to setup the database:00:12
hola1_Passwrod authentification failed00:12
hola1_can you please help me00:12
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shadow98hey guys03:12
shadow98Trying to understand tryton03:12
shadow98I was gonna use it as CRM03:12
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LordVanI was just thinking11:12
LordVanwith SELECTION attributes .. it would be nice to have some sort of validation there (I forgot the ":" a few times and only noticed when trying to add one)11:12
cedkLordVan: indeed, I think this is
LordVani was just going to look. thanks ;)11:12
LordVanoh btw11:12
LordVanthe tooltips for fields on the latest windows client keep flashing so i can barely read it .. have you seen that before?11:12
LordVan(like if it was refreshing every like 0.2 sec)11:12
cedkLordVan: probably
LordVanyou find them faster than i could remember my password to log in to the bugtracker ;)11:12
LordVancedk, mind if i answer 7947 or do you want to? i am sure that is exactly the traceback i just had11:12
LordVan(i did it .. maybe it helps the guy .. also mentioned verification would be nice)12:12
LordVanafk now (lunch)12:12
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LordVanpokoli, about that bug with validation for dict ... at first I was thinking regex, but it seems to me, that a simple find(':') would probably do ?13:12
LordVanhmm if I have a SELECTION attribute set .. and deactivate sorting by key .. why does it not leave sorting as it was originally?13:12
LordVani find the UI for attributes inconsistent .. the fields say "Name: " and "String: "  but the tooltip for "Selection Sorted:" says "if the selection must be sorted on label"14:12
LordVanwould be better (and clearer) if above it said "Label: " instad of "String: " too14:12
LordVan(i don't really want to open a bug for this though as it is super trivial and can be individually fixed by editing translations)14:12
cedkLordVan: well, if you do not open issue, it will never be fixed14:12
LordVancedk, got a point .. I was going to open one to maybe add sorting by key instead of just by label anyway .. should i add it there or make a seperate one for the name itself?14:12
cedkLordVan: one issue per topic14:12
LordVanthought so14:12
LordVanok i'll be reporting14:12
LordVanthat said first i'll report the client crash on translation update14:12
LordVanif it was reproduceable at lesat .. hmm14:12
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LordVanhmm can only one attribute set be assigned to a product? or am i missing an optionsomewhere?16:12
LordVanah it is only one .. Many2One ..16:12
LordVanguess i just have to create an attributeset that includes all for certain articles16:12
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