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LordVani was wondering .. is it possible to copy attributes from one product to another?11:01
LordVanlike if i have similar parts and want to save myself entering everything every time11:01
cedkLordVan: you can duplicate any record11:01
LordVanah you mean just copy the product instead of trying to copy over just the attrivbutes? .. does make sense ..11:01
LordVanmaybe a stupid question, but how do i dupplicate a record?11:01
cedkLordVan: on the form menu, there is a menu entry Duplicate11:01
LordVanah yes there.. i was looking at the symbol bar ..11:01
LordVanah .. i'd have to copy both the product and the product template though - or is there a way to do both at once?11:01
LordVancuz I have product DL74002-A01-03 (baed on a template with the same name) and want to create 04,05,...11:01
LordVanor am i getting the concept of product templates wrong here by making a template for each11:01
LordVani get the feeling i am ..11:01
cedkLordVan: if you duplicate a template, it will duplicate all variants11:01
LordVanah hadn't tried that11:01
LordVanbtw can i get your opinion on how i think i will use product templates and products?11:01
LordVan(i don't want to mess it up from the start)11:01
LordVanlike i intend to make a template for decoration items (candle holders, wind chimes,.. ) and then variants fro different sizes11:01
LordVandoes it (from a system point of view) make sense to make a template for each, or would it make more sense (the tryton way) to just create one template called "decoration"11:01
cedkLordVan: you must use variant only when they really share most of their attributes11:01
LordVanwell they do all have the same sort of attributes but obv. different values11:01
LordVani mean just about all the parts we make are sheet metal cut, bent, soldered, painted,.. but one template for all of that seems a bit ..11:01
LordVanbut on the other hand making a template for each different sheet metal part is also not right .. hmm11:01
LordVanor does it make sense (in a tryton way) to really only have one template for "sheet metal part" and then variants for all the different ones?11:01
cedkLordVan: it is not really possible to answer, it depends on each case12:01
cedkLordVan: follow what you find is easier for you12:01
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LordVancedk, yeah i will have a look at a few options .. i just really don't want to create templates and products for every little thing12:01
cedkLordVan: in the setup we have done, most of the time there is one template with one variant12:01
LordVanisn't that creating *a lot* of templates for no reason? i mean in our case we are talking easily tens of thousands12:01
LordVanprobably even 100k12:01
cedkLordVan: it is not for no reason, they store data13:01
LordVanyeah looking at it again ..13:01
LordVanthere are fields (like measurements) that are only editable in the template not the actual variant13:01
LordVanand salable and the time to manufacturing13:01
LordVan / time to procure13:01
LordVanguess i do have to also create one template per product variant13:01
csoteloHi all, I was looking for the place where product prices are stored and I have noticed is not product_template, could you help me on now wich one is this table for product_prices ?13:01
csoteloHello? any suggest?13:01
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csoteloHi all, I was looking for the place where product prices are stored and I have noticed is not product_template, could you help me on now wich one is this table for product_prices ?14:01
csoteloany suggest?14:01
semariecsotelo: just a guest. there is a table product_cost_price14:01
plaesit's somewhat complicated14:01
plaeslist_price vs cost_price14:01
csotelosemarie, no.. there is not14:01
semarieI have such table. but I doubt using sql level is right approch14:01
csoteloI need to update all list ṕrices with a formula14:01
semarieproteus script ?14:01
csoteloI need update the whole list prices with a formula14:01
csoteloany suggest?14:01
csotelosemarie, I have thought that but is too urgent to prepare a script14:01
csoteloI just need to do something like list_price = listprice / 1.1814:01
csotelosql is faster...14:01
semariedump your db in a file (with pg_dump), and search for a know value14:01
semarieit could help to found the right table14:01
cedkcsotelo: use price list15:01
csotelocedk, yes, but, there is a batch mode?15:01
csotelofinally I do that on a proteus script15:01
csotelohowever, I guess it could be faster on an sql sentence15:01
cedkcsotelo: I mean the product_price_list module16:01
csoteloI see16:01
LordVanis there some way to bulk-assign things like product category and/or attributes from the list view btw?16:01
cedkLordVan: no17:01
cedkLordVan: but for category, adding a many2many on category should allow to select multiple products to add17:01
cedkI think it will be a good addition17:01
LordVanyes that would indeed17:01
LordVancedk, want me to add an issue to the tracker?17:01
cedkLordVan: why not17:01
LordVangonna do that then ;)17:01
LordVancedk, i worded it rather generally .. is it clear what i mean?17:01
LordVanhmm is it possible to create some sort of "link" between 2 products? (i want them in there seperate, but they are 99% of the time made at the same time so some report i want to generate can be one page for both of them instead of seperately17:01
cedkLordVan: I think this is too specific18:01
LordVanbut i found a different solution for that already it is fine18:01
LordVanI think i will also have to extend the search on the products to let me search for specific attributes too (unless that can be done somehow already)18:01
cedkLordVan: searching on Dict values will require
LordVancedk, ah so it is currently not possible? i have to admit i am not sure by looking at the bug how far along to finished it is ?18:01
LordVanah gtg .. i shall be back tomorrow18:01
LordVanthanks & cya18:01
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