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mrichezcedk: hi Cedric, about this issue: linked to this revision It allows to create a purchase requisition line empty (i mean without product and description), so description should be required if product is empty (it was defined like this previously)10:01
pokolimrichez: for me the rec_name should not fail if product nor description is set10:01
pokolimrichez: it is possible to identify the purchase_requisition for another field?10:01
mrichezpokoli: don't think... it seems ridiculous to ask for something without product or description... so for me one of those fields should be required10:01
cedkmrichez: no our rule is to not put constraint if it is not needed for the process10:01
cedkTryton can make purchase without having neither a product nor a description10:01
cedkso I guess the rec_name should be in this case the id10:01
mrichezcedk: i just checked the same for a sale... strange that you could sale or purchase 10 unit of "nothing"...10:01
cedkmrichez: not a problem because it uses the default accounting10:01
mrichezcedk: ok, so i'll modify rec_name10:01
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mrichezcedk: it's the get_rec_name in purchase_request which is incorrect:
mrichezcedk: if no product nor description, i use as recname ?10:01
cedkmrichez: I think it is the best option11:01
mrichezcedk: ok11:01
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andrespolitigood morning, we are having problems when backing up a database because there are active connections to template1. I'm seeing in the logs that tryton connects to template116:01
andrespolitiTue Oct 30 13:09:10 2018] INFO:trytond.backend.postgresql.database:connect to "template1"16:01
andrespolitiwhy is that?16:01
cedkandrespoliti: to list the databases17:01
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andrespoliticould it be a reason why it leaves open connections to template1?18:01
Timitosandrespoliti: on which version runs your tryton instance. there have been changes in newer versions18:01
Timitosat least in 5.0 this problem should be resolved18:01
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csotelohi all, I have a question related to field definition. Is possible to re define a field on a module extension? any sample? thanks22:01
csoteloI mean, a field defined as readolny, re define as not readonly, is that posible?22:01
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